Feud Over! Lisa Vanderpump And Brandi Glanville Kiss & Make up!

Posted on Aug 14 2014 - 6:15pm by Reality LuLu


Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” appear to be putting their friendship back together.

Glanville threw herself a housewarming party last Friday night. Guests were shocked when Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, walked through the door. 

”They approached Brandi and chatted with her very cordially,” a source tells E!

“I wouldn’t say things were as good as they used to be, but fences seem to be mending.”

Vanderpump and Glanville quickly became good friends when Glanville joined the show a couple years ago. Lisa seemed to bring out the good side of Brandi and they were silly together. However, that all came to an end last season when Brandi began feeling that Lisa wasn’t a good friend to her. 

Lisa hired, Scheana Marie, who is featured on her spin-off show – Scheana just so happened to cheat with Brandi’s then husband, Eddie. Brandi felt that Lisa should have sided with her and felt that Lisa cared more for the woman that cheated with her husband. In addition, Brandi with many of the other cast, rallied together and deemed Lisa to be a bit of a sh*t stirrer. 

During the reunion last season Brandi announced that she had been under Lisa’s spell for the past two years but she no longer was. This past spring Brandi wrote on Twitter that Lisa could BBQ a baby and people would think it was cute.

It appeared that Brandi was more heartbroken over losing her friendship with Ken as she cried when he told her that he wouldn’t be able to let her back into their lives after the way she hurt his wife. 

I for one am hoping these two rekindle their friendship. I enjoyed seeing Lisa laugh and Brandi having a true girlfriend.


In another note, it would also appear that Glanville made up with Adrienne Maloof at Kyle Richards annual White Party. Now as we all know, that party is also filmed for the show, so perhaps they made up simply for ratings but on the other hand, it could be genuine.

An insider told E! News

“At the end of the day, neither one of them wanted to keep fighting. A lot was said and I think both realized they were each in the wrong. They first saw each other at Kyle’s White Party, then decided to meet up a few days later for a sit down. It wasn’t so much about becoming best friends or anything. It was just about making peace.” 

If all the women are making up and becoming friends again, what or who will cause drama on the upcoming season? ☺



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  • RealitytvJunkie

    I hope Lisa and Brandi can become close again. Quite honestly those 2 are the most interesting housewives to watch anyway. Without them, the show pretty much goes to pot.

    • Ellue

      Sorre definitely don’t agree, BG is not some1 2 get close 2 as she will take yur eyes out & tell u that u look good without them#knowthat

  • Birdie11

    Lisa is probably faking nice to just be free of the trashy, dramatic crap that Brandi brings to her life. I doubt that she trusts her…just doing what works to co exist on the show.

    • Exactly. Lisa is very smart business woman. She will never trust Brandi again.

      • distressed

        I agree here, but I’ve got a feeling that making nice with Brandi will only result in Lisa losing her credibility with viewers herself.

        I get that she has to play a game to be on the show, but how can she and Ken go to a housewarming party for a vile beast that went so far as to say that Lisa drugs Giggy to make him a cuter pet? What’s a nice gift for someone like that? A bottle of Zanax for Brandi’s own dogs?

  • I hope that they are smart enough to realize that they look much better when they are getting along. I thought their friendship was very sweet at first. Brandi is clearly a broken person and probably lashes out and falls out with everyone that shows her love. Her very odd looking and acting friend Jennifer seems to ally herself just for fame. She’s “known” for being sober and yet her best fiend is Brandi and her “tv boyfriend” is Andy Dick. If I had my way Lisa would be on the food network instead of Bravo and I could watch her cooking and entertaining program in between Trishas southern kitchen and Barefoot contessa while I was at the gym or fixing dinner.

    • distressed

      Anything to do with Brandi is going to end up either completely bizarre, unitelligible or skanky at some point.

      But Bravo loves Brandi. So if we choose to watch we have to deal with the stank.

  • So will everybody get along in Season 5? Adrienne’s been tweeting nice things and says she wants to make nice with the girls. Sounds like it’s going to be a boring season, if you ask me.

    • Birdie11

      What would be the point of watching that? LOL (:

  • italiano bambino

    If all love and Roses we might see another raitings disaster. Jmo. I think they all making up for the show.

    • I’d rather watch a boring show with pretty Platinum Triangle scenery than the shit show last season.

      • Last season was horrible. But if the LVP/Brandi friendship comes off as fake that might turn viewers off too.

        • We’re screwed either way! Give me the LVP cooking show already and cancel the whole mess!

          • I’m so with you here.

          • distressed

            I agree with both of you. Just cancel the whole show and give us another Lisa show. Last season destroyed the franchise for me and the ratings were abysmal.

        • Jennymckitty

          Brandi on the show is horrible. I can tolerate the rest.

  • MorningYawn

    LVP may forgive but she will NOT forget. Kyle should do the same!

    • Kyle hates the fact Brandi and Lisa will be friends. And she’s probably scared Brandi will tell Lisa everything she said about her.

      • Kyle should be scared! Her backfat is going in the opposite direction of her face and her husband is out banging tranny hookers. I would think Lisa would be the least of her problems haha.

      • MorningYawn

        I am sure! But I believe LVP absolutely had a hand in the hub bub about Mauricio, his fidelity and his biz ethics. She put that ish on national tv over and over. Kyle needs to remember that!

  • Ellie

    Ohh u can take this one 2 the bank LVP is a rose 4 sure but this gorgeous pink rose has thorns, she will nvr let BG in her life guaranteed as dina might say ” Namaste Bitches”

    • RonnieIsBack

      Exactly Lisa is anything but dumb ..just ask Kyle…

  • Josie

    Lisa and Ken would be fools to let that skank Brandi back in their lives. Brandi is nobody’s friend. She would stab them in the back again. It’s just a front for the show.

    • Trippinhhard

      Money n prestige is Lisa motto n VP rules, plus free advisement for her restruants…

    • distressed

      I think it’s true that Lisa nad Brandi are probably making nice here for the show, but I think Lisa is severely damaging her credibility by associating with Skanki.

  • Trippinhhard

    Oh the price of friendship —-or shall I say paycheck
    Mum here’s some Tea—don’t talk to trash—they only tell on you not them
    Brandi was telling the truth on one occasional —-sorry but I still dis test Brandi big loose infested lips…JMTC

  • TartLemon

    IMO, Brandi realized the team she shucked Lisa for was not very popular at all. The only use Kyle, Kim, Yolanda and Adrienne have for Brandi is to spite Lisa. The 4 of those ‘ladies’ all totaled do not add up to the popularity of Lisa.

    • RonnieIsBack

      And you know Vyle Kyle is shaking in her boots bc she told Brandi some messed up ish on Lisa…Brandi cannot hold water..

      • MorningYawn

        Probably, but like the bankruptcy bit from end if last season, no one believes Brandi… Lol! The skank who cried wolf!

  • Quest2011

    Disappointed in Lisa and ken

    • distressed

      I agree. How could they reasonable associate with someone who has done such vile things to both of them? We’ll see.

  • RonnieIsBack

    I hope Lisa hides her Birkins…BrandiTramp is a snake…she only made peace with Lisa when she realized she couldnt’ beat her…phuckin train wreck..everything they did for her…

  • nan/4

    Okay, I’m gonna stick my neck out now with what I’m sure is a very unpopular opinion. Let me preface this by saying that I think that Brandi is horrid, but at the same time, I think that if I were in the same situation, and was a very close friend of Lisa’s, I would resent the attention, parties thrown for, proposal set-up, the gifts, and all of the other nicey-nice things that Lisa did (and continues to do) for Sheena. This is the woman who slept with Brandi’s husband when Brandi in the final months of her second pregnancy. I acknowledge that her ex-husband was at fault, but still, I honestly can understand the resentment that Brandi felt when Brandi and Lisa were supposed to be such good “friends.” I know that I’m totally alone here, but it’s just the way I feel. Okey dokey then….:-/

    Please be kind…. gulp….;-o hehe

    I hope that you’re all doing well today! 🙂

    • MorningYawn

      Yes, I agree Eddie us at fault, but LVP did hire that girl b4 she knew Brandi. Has she taken advantage id the connection, yes, but with Brandi’s blessing… Until it became a convenient excuse.

      • nan/4

        Hi Morning! Hope all is well. I understand that I’m in the minority here. I really don’t think that Brandi thought that Lisa would be quite as close to Sheena as she was after hearing of the connection between her and Brandi’s ex. I personally wouldn’t have liked it if someone who I thought of as a friend did that to me. It also looked to me like Brandi was used to introduce Lisa’s new show PUMP to the viewers. What are the chances that in a city the size of LA these two would come together and become friends? That’s one very large coincidence! I admit that I see flaws in Lisa that other’s don’t see, but it’s just my opinion.

        Take care Morning! 🙂

        • distressed

          We have a different opinion. Would you expect a friend that you met after your divorce to fire a long term employee that had committed adultery with your ex more than 5 years ago? If this friend did not do so would you treat her the way Brandi treated Lisa during and after filming?

          If Brandi is livid, I mean out of her mind seeing red angry, about Scheana getting such a great opportunity on VPR then I can completely relate to that. But ultimately producers decided to cast Scheana in VPR. Not Lisa.

          It’s so ironic because Scheana was cast as the trampy lying slut on VPR, but everyone else on that show was so disgusting that she looked good by comparison. As far as the odds of randomly hiring a cocktail waitress in LA that screwed Eddie Cibrian goes? I’d say it’s about 50-50.

          • nan/4

            I never said that she should fire her, or even treat her poorly, but to go out of her way to make a fuss over Sheana? No , I don’t agree with that.

            How about if we just agree to disagree.

            Be well…


      • distressed

        “convenient excuse” exactly. Only it was a convenient excuse in the mind of a complete idiot who was told by hangers on that she was something extraordinary and found out there’s a consequence to checking out of school at 16, never reading a book or learning anything in life outside of how to starve and dress her body.

        This site actually got all the TEA on the feud during last season:


        It was fake, fake, fake.

    • distressed

      I agree with a lot of this. The Scheana situation is gut wrenching for sure, but Brandi is a completely psychopathic monster because of the way she handled it. There is no justification in the world for the way Brandi treated Lisa and openly plotted against her last season.

      How does: I’m sick to death and extremely genuinely hurt by Lisa favoring Scheana.
      Turn into: Lisa is mind controlling me. Lisa had Cedric deported. Lisa wanted Adrienne gone from the planet. And the whole suitcase story was debunked by Frigid Lemon Spice herself, who then accused Ken Todd of assaulting her at the finale party.

      Overall, I’m glad that Lisa has returned since I might tune in now to the new season, but I think it’s a huge mistake on Lisa’s part to take Brandi back in any way. Associating with a person who will go this far and has such a huge grudge against you is dangerous.

      • nan/4

        Hey there distressed. It’s very nice to ‘meet’ you.

        Like I said, I didn’t expect anyone to agree with my take on things, and I do respect your opinions.

        Be well! 🙂

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