Feud Over! Lisa Vanderpump And Brandi Glanville Kiss & Make up!

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Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” appear to be putting their friendship back together.

Glanville threw herself a housewarming party last Friday night. Guests were shocked when Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, walked through the door. 

”They approached Brandi and chatted with her very cordially,” a source tells E!

“I wouldn’t say things were as good as they used to be, but fences seem to be mending.”

Vanderpump and Glanville quickly became good friends when Glanville joined the show a couple years ago. Lisa seemed to bring out the good side of Brandi and they were silly together. However, that all came to an end last season when Brandi began feeling that Lisa wasn’t a good friend to her. 

Lisa hired, Scheana Marie, who is featured on her spin-off show – Scheana just so happened to cheat with Brandi’s then husband, Eddie. Brandi felt that Lisa should have sided with her and felt that Lisa cared more for the woman that cheated with her husband. In addition, Brandi with many of the other cast, rallied together and deemed Lisa to be a bit of a sh*t stirrer. 

During the reunion last season Brandi announced that she had been under Lisa’s spell for the past two years but she no longer was. This past spring Brandi wrote on Twitter that Lisa could BBQ a baby and people would think it was cute.

It appeared that Brandi was more heartbroken over losing her friendship with Ken as she cried when he told her that he wouldn’t be able to let her back into their lives after the way she hurt his wife. 

I for one am hoping these two rekindle their friendship. I enjoyed seeing Lisa laugh and Brandi having a true girlfriend.


In another note, it would also appear that Glanville made up with Adrienne Maloof at Kyle Richards annual White Party. Now as we all know, that party is also filmed for the show, so perhaps they made up simply for ratings but on the other hand, it could be genuine.

An insider told E! News

“At the end of the day, neither one of them wanted to keep fighting. A lot was said and I think both realized they were each in the wrong. They first saw each other at Kyle’s White Party, then decided to meet up a few days later for a sit down. It wasn’t so much about becoming best friends or anything. It was just about making peace.” 

If all the women are making up and becoming friends again, what or who will cause drama on the upcoming season? ☺



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