Jersey Belle Recap: Wedding Belles [Episode 2]

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There are two events on schedule this week for Jaime: a trip to Los Angeles and Arden’s wedding. Jaime is Wayne Brady’s publicist and he will be attending Icon Mann’s ™ Black Men of Entertainment Pre-Emmy party. Jaime points out that most publicists live in either LA or NY and not many (or any) live in MB, making her business more difficult to run.


Jaime realizes she doesn’t have a gift for Arden’s wedding and calls Danielle to see if it’s okay to just write a check and stick it in a card. We understand Jaime’s reasoning. This is Arden’s third marriage, and shouldn’t she have all the china and crystal by now? Apparently not. Danielle informs her writing a check is not proper and she needs to purchase a gift from the registry.

We switch to Arden and William deciding where the buffet will be – in the horse barn, of course. Although there are 30 horses in the stalls, all but 2 will be removed because that would just be weird to have all those horses staring at you while at the prime-rib carving station. Arden informs William that Jaime probably won’t make their wedding. William is shocked. Reference once again is made to the invitation packet that Jaime did/did not receive.

Scarlett and Luci are having lunch together discussing how happy Luci is in her relationship with Jeff. He makes her so happy. In fact, he just called to tell he can’t wait to grow old with her. Soon he will be moving to Birmingham to be closer to her and the kids. It’s a fairy tale in the making.

Jaime and the girls go the store where Arden is registered. Jaime picks out items not listed on the registry, and Luci tells Jaime to stick to the list and monogram it, because that’s the way it’s done in Mountain Brook. Jaime tells her friends, forget it. She wants to purchase something sexy for Arden because everyone wants to get laid – even Arden. And you can still monogram it, so bonus!

After the break we see Luci struggling to get her daughter to gymnastics on time. She is a busy, single mom and her hands are full with farting boys. Jeff can’t get there fast enough. Of course, he will probably not help in this department. Luci notices a rip in the backpack and says she needs to count to ten or she will lose it; however, she looks completely together, nothing like a woman who’s about to blow.

Arden is at Jaime’s house telling her that as an “honorary bridesmaid” she is required to show up at the wedding even if it’s midnight. What is an “honorary bridesmaid?” Not sure.It must have something to do with third-wedding protocol. Jaime asks Arden if she thinks her future MIL will show up? Arden is not sure, but has seating arrangements ready either way. Way to go, Arden. Of course, you could just ask your fiancé if his mom is coming, but where’s the suspense in that?

Luci is in her car and calls Jaime to ask if she can stop by to talk. She is holding back tears. When she arrives, Luci sobs and tells Jaime that she and Jeff broke up. Wow. Did not see that coming. (Said with sarcasm.) It’s for real though because he packed up his X-Box and left. Jaime asked what happened. Luci explains that after a nice dinner, Luci said she wanted to lie down and read. It was a difficult week for her. After 20 minutes, Jeff came in and asked if she was done with her reading. Jaime is good friend and makes Luci laugh instead of cry, but I wanted Jaime to plot revenge. How dare he do this to Luci! She gave him the best four months of her life.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.41.47 PM

Back at Jaime’s house as she’s preparing the kids for her trip to LA, we learn that Michael is a lobbyist for (his words) a lot of sin. He represents the alcohol and gambling industry and the NRA. Cutie-pie Olivia and her mom discuss which job is harder, being a mom or being a publicist. Olivia says publicist! We all know being a mom is easy. (Said with sarcasm.)

Yay! We are off to LA with Jaime to see her in her element as a publicist. She visits some of her clients: All 4 One, Shanna Moakler, Nicole Sullivan, and Chris Klein, and she discusses: the 20 year anniversary of I Swear, a new lip gloss and bronzer line, a possible daytime talk show, and another season of Wilfred, while leaving several messages for Wayne Brady. Multi-tasking at its finest. 

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Luci and Scarlett stop by Leigh Ann’s house for lunch. Leigh Ann is Luci’s inspiration because at one time she too was a single mom, and now she’s not. From the description these women provide, it sounds like Mountain Brook is not single-mom friendly and still think it’s 1955. 

Arden visits Jaime’s mother-in-law, Carol, because she is handling the flowers for her wedding. Arden rats out informs Carole that Jaime will be arriving late. Carole shakes her head. In a TH, Jaime tells us that she and her mother-in-law are as different as two women can possibly be. (Which is a good thing.) Arden clearly suffers from MIL envy. Most pressing on Arden’s agenda is ordering a tent in case of the impending bad weather. There are two ways to guarantee rain: wash your car and plan an outdoor wedding. Arden decides against the tent because it will ruin the pictures.

Back in LA, Jaime is shopping with Shanna. Jaime tells her that she wants another baby. Shanna seems a little surprised. Later, Jaime is finally able to reach Wayne Brady on the phone and go over his schedule. He will leave straight from the set of Let’s Make a Deal to arrive on the red carpet at 7. Jaime is by his side, introduces herself to lots of people, and makes sure they spell Wayne’s name correctly. 

Arden and William bury a bottle of bourbon for good luck. The tradition is that you bury the bottle exactly one month before the wedding. They are burying it exactly one day before the wedding. So good luck with that. Jaime is on her way to LAX and is crossing her fingers that not only will her flight leave on time, but the connecting flight as well. Good luck with that one, too. But don’t bury another bottle or bourbon – just drink it.

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