Exclusive: Phaedra Parks Deposition Part I – Court Docs Enclosed

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Phaedra Parks’ house of cards are crumbling down around her….

All About The Tea has EXCLUSIVELY received a copy of Phaedra Parks’ deposition in the case of “Phaedra Parks vs. Angela Stanton” defamation lawsuit. On June 19th, Phaedra Parks met with Angela Stanton’s attorney at the Georgia State Bar headquarters, where the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was deposed for 5 hours.

The deposition is long overdue as Parks has reportedly dodged numerous requests to be deposed in a lawsuit she brought forth on the grounds Stanton lied on her in her book.

Angela Stanton, author of the book, “Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil,” candidly exposed the scams Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida were doing years ago involving check and theft  fraud.  Angela took the fall for those crimes and served time in prison while Phaedra got off scott-free. Phaedra Parks adamantly denied those claims and in 2012 filed a defamation lawsuit against her former friend.

Angela Stanton

The 124 page deposition is quite the read and too lengthy to cover in one blog, therefore, coverage of the deposition will be divided up into several parts.

A source close to the case tells All About The Tea EXCLUSIVELY that Phaedra Parks used the opportunity to try to get away with obnoxious unprofessional behavior during the discovery. The 5 hour long session was described as parents that left their kids alone for the first time: every slight, disagreement, and jealousy on a slow boil explodes into anarchic back-biting once there’s no authority figure around to enforce civility.

Phaedra used the opportunity to refuse to answer Apollo Nida related questions. Primarily ones that involve her husband’s criminal activity. Most questions asked about Apollo were met with “I will not be answering that [as it pertains to Apollo].” In the deposition, Phaedra claims she does not know how Apollo and Angela knew each other and she was unaware of any criminal activity between the two. These are the same claims she said were false in Angela’s book. If Phaedra did not know of any of their crimes then how would she know the claims in Angela’s book are false?

According to the source, Phaedra perjured herself numerous times during the deposition. The source goes on to say, Stanton’s attorney presented Phaedra with evidence from the Secretary of State, pictures and other evidence that caught Phaedra in lies. The source dished that, during the 5 hour long deposition, Stanton’s attorney had to stop and remind Parks of the fact, she’s an attorney and asked her if she understood her testimony is under the penalty of perjury.

One instance is when Phaedra denied having any knowledge of Apollo being involved in any criminal activity prior to marrying him yet Phaedra acted as Apollo’s attorney on his racketeering case in 2005.

The source also revealed that Phaedra claimed to not know any of Angela’s kids but submitted text messages from Angela’s daughter into evidence. When questioned how she got the text messages, she revealed, she wrote a letter of recommendation for Angela’s daughter to get into college.

The source added: Angela’s attorney asked Parks if any of Angela’s kids have ever been to her [law] office and Phaedra responded, no. Stanton’s attorney asked the RHOA star, was she sure. And once again, Phaedra responded, no! Stanton’s attorney then produced a picture of Phaedra holding Angela’s son in her office. Phaedra responded that the picture looked like her but she’s not sure whose baby she’s holding. SMDH!

Due to Phaedra’s lack of participation in the judicial process, Stanton’s attorney was moved to file an order requiring Parks to fully participate in the discovery process. She will have to resubmit to another deposition and fully answer questions that are reasonably calculated to lead to discoverable evidence regarding her relationship with Apollo Nida. This includes, the extent of her knowledge, benefited from, and/or participation in his criminal activities. In other words, Phaedra will be benchslapped, where the judge will levy sanctions straight out of elementary school if she does not play nice and cooperate with the process.

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[Read] Phaedra Parks deposition pages 1-16 below: 

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