Exclusive: Phaedra Parks Deposition Part I – Court Docs Enclosed

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Phaedra Parks’ house of cards are crumbling down around her….

All About The Tea has EXCLUSIVELY received a copy of Phaedra Parks’ deposition in the case of “Phaedra Parks vs. Angela Stanton” defamation lawsuit. On June 19th, Phaedra Parks met with Angela Stanton’s attorney at the Georgia State Bar headquarters, where the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was deposed for 5 hours.

The deposition is long overdue as Parks has reportedly dodged numerous requests to be deposed in a lawsuit she brought forth on the grounds Stanton lied on her in her book.

Angela Stanton, author of the book, “Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil,” candidly exposed the scams Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida were doing years ago involving check and theft  fraud.  Angela took the fall for those crimes and served time in prison while Phaedra got off scott-free. Phaedra Parks adamantly denied those claims and in 2012 filed a defamation lawsuit against her former friend.

Angela Stanton

The 124 page deposition is quite the read and too lengthy to cover in one blog, therefore, coverage of the deposition will be divided up into several parts.

A source close to the case tells All About The Tea EXCLUSIVELY that Phaedra Parks used the opportunity to try to get away with obnoxious unprofessional behavior during the discovery. The 5 hour long session was described as parents that left their kids alone for the first time: every slight, disagreement, and jealousy on a slow boil explodes into anarchic back-biting once thereโ€™s no authority figure around to enforce civility.

Phaedra used the opportunity to refuse to answer Apollo Nida related questions. Primarily ones that involve her husband’s criminal activity. Most questions asked about Apollo were met with “I will not be answering that [as it pertains to Apollo].” In the deposition, Phaedra claims she does not know how Apollo and Angela knew each other and she was unaware of any criminal activity between the two. These are the same claims she said were false in Angela’s book. If Phaedra did not know of any of their crimes then how would she know the claims in Angela’s book are false?

According to the source, Phaedra perjured herself numerous times during the deposition. The source goes on to say, Stanton’s attorney presented Phaedra with evidence from the Secretary of State, pictures and other evidence that caught Phaedra in lies. The source dished that, during the 5 hour long deposition, Stanton’s attorney had to stop and remind Parks of the fact, she’s an attorney and asked her if she understood her testimony is under the penalty of perjury.

One instance is when Phaedra denied having any knowledge of Apollo being involved in any criminal activity prior to marrying him yet Phaedra acted as Apollo’s attorney on his racketeering case in 2005.

The source also revealed that Phaedra claimed to not know any of Angela’s kids but submitted text messages from Angela’s daughter into evidence. When questioned how she got the text messages, she revealed, she wrote a letter of recommendation for Angela’s daughter to get into college.

The source added: Angela’s attorney asked Parks if any of Angela’s kids have ever been to her [law] office and Phaedra responded, no. Stanton’s attorney asked the RHOA star, was she sure. And once again, Phaedra responded, no! Stanton’s attorney then produced a picture of Phaedra holding Angela’s son in her office. Phaedra responded that the picture looked like her but she’s not sure whose baby she’s holding. SMDH!

Due to Phaedra’s lack of participation in the judicial process, Stanton’s attorney was moved to file an order requiring Parks to fully participate in the discovery process. She will have to resubmit to another deposition and fully answer questions that are reasonably calculated to lead to discoverable evidence regarding her relationship with Apollo Nida. This includes, the extent of her knowledge, benefited from, and/or participation in his criminal activities. In other words, Phaedra will be benchslapped, where the judge will levy sanctions straight out of elementary school if she does not play nice and cooperate with the process.

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[Read] Phaedra Parks deposition pages 1-16 below: 

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  • twifan2

    WHOA! Phae Phae may NOT be able to return to RHW-Atl now! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Birdie11

    SCOOP THAT!!! Excellent job exposing the juicy, crazy details!

  • Excellent research – great scoop !!
    Wonder if GA State Bar Assoc complaint will be filed?

  • I think judge will slap Phaedra Parks with a large fine in my opinion.

  • I wonder how spousal privileged affects depositions. Still no excuse for attitude and lying until presented with evidence in my opinion.

    • I don’t think it applies when the plaintiff brings a civil suit and claims the allegation involving her husband are false. The defendant has a right to make discovery to prove their case. Apollo is a huge part of the defendant’s discovery.

  • SummerBreeze14

    Good job!!! I hope they all eventually NAIL her butt too! Goodness I hope so! It couldn’t happen to a more well-deserved person! I’m amused by comments on other sites of her hood fans sticking up for her talking about she’s a strong woman, she’s smart, she’s a lawyer, yawdy yawdy yawdy…they will believe anything this woman does. In their eyes she is like a god and Apollo is this dirty dog. They can’t even fathom her helping him commit those crimes. Just dumb!

    Angela has been through a WHOLE lot of mess in her life and I hope she finally get justice. I was telling one of my coworkers about this situation the other day at work and she used to like Phaedra but once I told her about this case she got interested and acted like she wanted to read Angela’s book…LOL…another thing, Bravo would be a FOOL not to at least MENTION this mess on the new season. If not, they need to let Phaedra go IMMEDIATELY because nothing else about her fake life is interesting in the least!

    • i agree… why does Phaedra get a bravo pass?

      • MissTruthHurts

        Because she threatens them with lawsuits every time they even SUGGEST having mentioned anything about Angela etc etc….Yet she tried to bring Nene’s folks on the show to out & exposed HER. Phaedra is a self-riteous, vindictive, phony, snake a$$ b**tch that clams up in the face of confrontation. This behavior doesnt surprise me. She did the same thing when she was confronted with her bullsh**t on RHOA. Remember the situation with Cynthia?

    • Hey SB! At this point if anyone thinks Phaedra is innocent, they have serious problems.

      • SummerBreeze14

        LOL hey girl! The people commenting looked like they worked at the gas station so yeah…LOL

      • Quest2011

        People think tre is innocent even after she pleaded guilty. That’s no accounting for posters intelligence level

  • twifan2

    Looks like Angela is well on her way to be vindicated! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now my question is, how much prison time will Phae Phae do?

    • very true….. i am sorry to say…i was one who thought her book was all bs until apollo was arrested

      • Guest


      • twifan2

        If Ms Southern Belle had kept her wits about her & not tried to bully Angela…tsh tsh tsh!
        Well Phae Phae is learning the hard way! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • RonnieIsBack

          And errbody else…
          I wish I could be in the courtroom when she is found guilty..I will yell out:
          Now Check That Dirt!

          • twifan2

            I’d be bring buttered popcorn! ๐Ÿ™‚
            She’s almost as good as done!

  • The chickens are coming home to roost and it’s about time. What goes on in the dark ALWAYS come to light. I’m so happy Phaedra will face justice soon. I have a new found sympathy for Apollo. He’s basically illiterate and was manipulated by the evil Madame LaLaurie. Her day of reckoning is coming!

    • well we know the feds take years to get anything together, however, this civil judge does not and he hates lawyers who jerk the system. Phaedra will get a hefty fine

      • Not fines…sanctioned and held in contempt…..JAIL!

        • courts do not put single mothers in jail over civil contempt…… they barely jail felonies fraudsters….lol or maybe courts r so F*cked upped that one can commit bank fraud without jail time however, if u screw around with attitude in depositions u get jail…..

          • Well that’s what Angela’s attorney is asking for in the new order filed.

          • RonnieIsBack

            If they can prove perjure, the heifa is getting jail time…they have single mothers in jail over civil matters…especially if she cannot pay the fine.
            hell folks get jail over civil traffic violations…

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Doc! I never thought of Apollo’s lack of education in this situation. I just thought of him as a career criminal lowlife thug.

    • RonnieIsBack

      loving the Coven analogy.

      I command Shady Phae to Go To Hell..Go Straight to Hell (with gasoline drawers on I might add)

      • MissTruthHurts

        SMMFH@ “The covenant analog” Dumb b*tch Madame LaLaurie is not a character that originated from that dumb a$$ show. Madame LaLaurie was REAL PERSON. Go google her name & read a d@mn book. Idiot.

  • It’s VERY ironic Angela Stanton wrote her book 2-3 years ago and Apollo repeats the same exact crime years later? Things that make you go hmmmm……

    • SummerBreeze14

      Yep and no one believed Angela when she first came out with this story! So many people hated her and looked at her as a gold digger trying to bring another “sister” down but she can thank Apollo and might I add Kenya for people starting to see through Phaedra!


        • SummerBreeze14

          Absolutely and I heard Jessica Voker, the woman who claimed Phaedra slept with her husband, was helping them!

          • Jessica was sleeping with the feds? Spill the tea!!!

          • SummerBreeze14

            LOL! I don’t think so but the blog that she originally did the interview with, I think it was Hip Hop Daily Press, he got word that Jessica was helping the feds get a hold of Apollo and Phaedra!

          • EXCELLENT! Thanks for that tea. Seems like a lot of people are working with the feds. Hmmmmm…. #SnitchingSeason

          • SummerBreeze14
          • cait

            Would it help if I said my ex had slept with her !

          • SummerBreeze14

            Woah! Your ex slept with who?

        • Yes they did!!!!!!!!

      • I was always Team Angela. I never doubted her story. And I am so happy she’s finally getting her day.


        • SummerBreeze14

          Me too! There is no way that woman was lying…too many juicy details in her book!

          • Yes ma’am! And when you hear her speak you know she’s the truth!

          • SummerBreeze14

            Oh yeah cause her story NEVER changes! I think Angela is a decent/attractive looking woman too!

          • Exactly!

        • RonnieIsBack

          So am I.

          • Hi sweets. I just sent you an email. I hope mom is getting better.

      • Virgo (say_no_go)

        I read it 2 years ago and I believed her from then and still do now. You’re going down Phoney Pha Pha

        • SummerBreeze14

          LOL! Bloop!

    • cait

      He’d probably forgotten the recipe ! Thanks Ange !

  • Has anyone asked why would a prominent attorney….a southern belle choose to marry a felon with an IQ of 10?

    Why would a prominent attorney….a southern belle choose to hang around so many felons? She admitted in the deposition she knows all of Angela Stanton’s baby daddy’s in prison. And they ALL finger her as the mastermind. Damn!

    • SummerBreeze14

      LOL! I thought Apollo was decent looking but for the life of me couldn’t figure out since her INTRO appearance on RHOA why she was married to him as a “respectable” lawyer!

      • RonnieIsBack

        And he was a clean man…lololol

        • LMAO!!!!

        • SummerBreeze14

          LOL! Exactly!

    • Birdie11

      I think she wants us to believe it was a TRUE LOVE story…ummm yeah. Their eyes met through the bars and it was all over….

      • Apollo’s already busted up that theory when he spilled the tea that the marriage is a business arrangement.

        • Birdie11

          Well isn’t he unromantic… ๐Ÿ˜€

      • A southern bell who keeps saying the word RESPECT on rhoa yet she showed nothing but arrogance and contempt for the legal process in her actions during 5 hours of the deposition. PARKS actions do not match her words.

    • -5 iq

      • falina

        On a good day.

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Doc! You would have made a great attorney with those questions.
      Great job on the story.

      • Hi Marsie! Thanks love. Hope you had a nice day.

    • RonnieIsBack

      To watch him and keep him quiet…it almost worked but he got greedy…

  • Marsbars09

    Score one for Team Stanton!
    Fake screwed herself big time! She wouldn’t even respond to ordinary questions. What’s the big deal about whether she married Apollo knowing he was a crook? Everybody knows the answer to that!
    Fake’s delusion is going to be her downfall. This will not end well for her.

  • Reality LuLu

    Good morning all. This is very good reading. I wonder if Kenya is wallpapering her house with this? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Virgo (say_no_go)


    • Ahahahaha!

    • RonnieIsBack

      I would wrap Apollo’s money for his books in this deposition testimony.

      • I have a feeling Apollo may write a book while in prison. And not a coloring book.

        • And although I’m sure he has quite a story to tell, my prayers go to his poor editors and ghostwriters that have to make sense of his “juvial” drafts.

        • Tre’s Pic’s aren’t Angelic

          He’ll need a real good editor.
          That’s for sure.

    • twifan2

      She’s probably having the depo made into a dress for the next reunion-remember no more props allowed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jennymckitty

    Good scoop!

  • DoinMe

    Where’s part 2? This is scolding hot tea.

    • RonnieIsBack

      On TT she has most of it also…interesting reading.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Excellent tea. I’m impatiently awaiting more. But where does she get off refusing to answers these questions in the deposition? Just who does she think she is?

    • The GA Bar association will be watching. This should be interesting!

  • Unless Phaedra claims martial privilege (which wont work for all the questions) the court will make her answer all the questions & pay a fine.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Yup..due to her having small kids, I highly doubt taht she will take a contempt fine and sit in jail….the bish is going down.
      I couldn’t believe it when in her sworn testimony she actually said she didn’t have any businesses with Nida Fitness..hello Babybop in the stretch green suit..you do remember Phine Body…Vols 1, 2 and 3…

      • Birdie11

        Baby Bop…OMG…HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • “Hello Babybo” dead!!!!! She’s a pathological liar.

    • Tre’s Pic’s aren’t Angelic

      It’ll be “fine” with me if she “pays” her time in prison.

  • RonnieIsBack

    She is an idiot…she knows not to plead the 5th because in essence it would be an admission of guilt but invoking one’s rights so not to incriminate…her goose is cooked..she is done..which is why she rushed out and obtained her mortuary degree.

  • SummerBreeze14

    Can you guys believe this woman had the audacity to go to St. Louis to promote her sorry book and comfort Michael Brown’s grandmother during a conference meeting?! She was only trying to promote her book and nothing else but tried to slick slide some “it’s going to be alright sugga” mess in to the public. Crazy! Watch all her dumb fans say, “Awe, Phaedra was the ONLY one to support the Michael Brown case!”

    • LOL @ some slick slide stuff!!! Hearing this reminds me of Angela’s mother’s funeral. Everything Shady Phae does is calculated and not from a genuine place.

      • SummerBreeze14

        Exactly!!! That was just low down and dirty what she did to Angela, promising her all these things and then she completely abandoned her to save HERSELF when things got HOT. This is EXACTLY what she is doing to Apollo and what Apollo did to that Julien chick. That’s what I’m saying…who do you think Apollo learned this from?

        • He certainly didn’t think of it himself!

          • SummerBreeze14

            Right! Hope he rats her out…forget about the kids. I mean they matter, but there are a lot of women and men with kids in jail today.

  • I think the way she’s inserting herself into the media circus going on in St Louis is despicable. Just looking at those photos of her comforting the grandmother of the boy who was shot turns my stomach. Didn’t she tweet about promoting her joke of an etiquette book in relation to the shooting? Just when you think someone can’t sink any lower…

    • SummerBreeze14

      I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing impressive about Faketra.

    • Norrth

      I won’t to believe it’s not just a publicity stunt on her part, but I don’t. I don’t trust anything she says or does. f I was part of her “inner circle”, it would shake me to the core that she was capable of doing something like this and i would wonder about her “friendship”.

  • cait

    Book 1st draft : 1. Well, I met this woman, said she was a liar 2.She told me all these things to do ! 3. I did them ! 4. Now I’m gonna jail !

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