Did Mario Singer Pull The Plug On His Marriage First?

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Ramona Singer may have announced that she has decided to move on with her life without Mario but who actually pulled the plug first? Word is it was Mario.

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A “spy” for New York Daily said that a few days before her announcement on Twitter, Mario was at Upper East Side eatery, Arlington Club telling anyone within earshot he was “done” with the reality star. The spy went on to say Mario’s behavior was erratic. He was all over the place.  One eyewitness said:

“He couldn’t sit still. He was shouting on the phone and he was in and out of the restaurant all night. He appeared to be by himself and seemed to have enjoyed more than a few glasses of wine. He was carrying on, telling whoever was on the other end that it was done, that he wanted a divorce and couldn’t take it any longer.”

Mario apparently was raising his voice so much at times that he was getting stares from other patrons. The onlooker added

“He was talking very loudly and went outside to try and have a more private conversation. But he was standing right outside the door, and anyone entering or exiting the restaurant could hear him.”

All of this could be good and bad for the Pinot guzzling Ramona. This past season wrapped filming before she caught him with his much younger mistress, Kasey Dexter. Ramona filed for divorce then withdrew her petition when she and Mario reconciled. It wasn’t an easy time as reports circulated the pair were fighting on romantic vacations. The couple’s marital problems were not shown during season six although the public knew about the affair just before the season aired. When host Andy Cohen tried to ask Ramona about the marital problems, she dodged questions just saying they were together and they were fine.

Kacey-Dexter-Mario-SingerKasey Dexter

While it is bad for Ramona that her long time marriage is coming to an end, should she be offered a contract to come back next season? The end of her marriage could be a huge storyline for her and that could be good. A Bravo source told the paper that if Sonja Morgan wasn’t asked back next season, Ramona would be all alone. 

Ramona always had something to say about the other women’s marriages and relationships. The last thing Luann said to her on the reunion show was Ramona had no problem talking about her relationship and alleged affairs and/or open marriages. She ended it with “Karma’s a bitch.”

As we reported, photos of Mario and his mistress surfaced recently. It seemed apparent he made his decision and didn’t care who knew. Do you think he was talking to Ramona on the phone at the restaurant?


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