Are Melissa and Joe Gorga Having Financial Problems?

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Melissa Gorga

Are the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” couple, Melissa and Joe Gorga, over their heads financially? According to a source that’s the case.

Radar Online reported that there has been absolutely no progress on the dream home that Joe was planning on building. In fact, the ground hasn’t even been broken yet. The couple is still living in the rental home that was shown a few weeks ago on the show.

“Joe and Melissa are still living in the rental house, and haven’t even broken ground on their new house. There has been no movement on the project, and the lot still sits empty, with no work being done,” a source told Radar. “Plans for the new house are now on hold because of ongoing financial troubles plaguing the Gorgas.”

To add insult to injury, the Bentley that Melissa was driving was all for show. That shouldn’t be a surprised most of the Housewives lease expensive vehicles to make it appear they are wealthier than they are. Yes, I am talking about you Kenya Moore.

According to the source:

“The Bentley was leased by Joe and Melissa, and was strictly done for the show. They felt pressure to make their lifestyle appear to be something it definitely wasn’t. The lease was just too expensive at $5,000 a month and they had to turn it back in early. It is reported that the couple were given a Mercedes to use by a local car dealer in exchange for shooting scenes at the dealership. Again this is not an uncommon practice for reality shows. The source went on to say “The scene in which Joe shows Melissa their new trash truck was filmed at the Mercedes dealership.”

Here is where the source has me wondering about their identity. Could she/he be awaiting sentencing soon? The insider also implied that Melissa has been trying to make her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, jealous with her fancy cars, clothes and accessories and jewelry. Teresa, who also stars on the “RHONJ,” and Melissa’s husband Joe are brother and sister. The source added, “That sad thing is that what Melissa doesn’t realize is that {that kind of behavior} is what got Teresa into trouble with the law!”

Joe and Melissa have been dealing with an unruly tenant in their Montville mansion. They tried to evict Kai Patterson because of back rent. Patterson was served with eviction papers. He came back with a list of complaints against the landlords including the home was full of garbage and wild animals. He also claimed a broken water heater; construction garbage dumped on the property, busted pipes and faucets, broken fireplaces, water leaks, bathrooms missing shower doors, and cracked marble stairs. Didn’t this guy see the place BEFORE he rented it?

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To make matters worse Patterson ordered an inspection at some point and mold was discovered. He accused the Gorga’s of being “slumlords.”

I reached out to Melissa for a comment on this story but haven’t heard back from her by the time this blog published. We will make sure to update this story if she responds.


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