Kim Zolciak Gambling Problem & Spending Habits?

Posted on Aug 5 2014 - 3:50pm by Reality LuLu

Don't Be Tardy captures - July 31, 2014

On the last episode of Kim Zolciak’s, “Don’t be Tardy,” fans and critics were stunned when she mentioned that she once lost a quarter of a million dollars at a casino in the Bahama’s. Viewers started to get the feeling that Kim, may have a bit of a gambling problem.

While they were on their way to Destin, Florida, Kim purchased an entire roll of scratch off tickets costing her $1,240. Brielle mentioned that all Kim does is online gambling at home. Really with four kids under the ages of 2-1/2 and she has time to do THAT? That explains the need for a couple of nannies, housekeeper, chef and pool boy. 


Understandably, Kim was called out on Twitter for her spending habits. Below are a few of the comments and replies from Kim’s Twitter account.

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak

Reaching the end of her rope with people getting on her case about money Kim responded to a tweet with the hashtag “#MiserablePpl.”

Kim Zolciak

It’s not news that Kim likes to shop and that she likes nice things. However if you gamble and lose $250,000 at one casino and then continue to gamble in other venues be it different casinos, scratch off tickets or even online gambling, I think you have a problem! But that’s just me.


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  • cait

    Like over here, these “RICH PEOPLE” come unstuck when the tax bills come in !

  • Michael

    Even if Kim hadn’t been on television for 7 years. I’m sure she got the “Happy Husband Stitch’ after she had her twins. So if need be, she can go back to paying the bills the same way she did before she married Kroy. She wouldn’t have to finds someone with as much money as Big PaPa, since she will have at least child support, if not alimony too, coming in.

  • Norrth

    So many stars and reality personalities spend the way they THINK rich people spend. 250K? That is a couple of Ivy League College scholarships for at least two of her children. People who plan to keep their wealth would be investing and building with it. Kim didn’t have seven years of big paydays on TV, I’m willing to wager, so why act as if she’s been paid millions of dollars a year for seven years? Puhleeze!

  • The foul language in front of the kids is a huge turn off. Now that u have very young children, clean up your mouth. It won’t be funny when the boys go to school using the F word! Kim is trash and it doesn’t surprise me that’s she may have a gambling problem. She also has an over-spending problem too. Kim thinks there is no limit to the money but like Dr. Heavenly said, even Oprah has a limit.

    • BaybeK8s

      Hey Dr. I don’t watch this show but, I did see a commercial where KJ (?) was cursing up a storm. He actually had me trying to figure out who I would rather babysit. Him or Milania. Lol

  • cait

    Stinking rich from one song that she doesn’t even own ! This woman is delusional to say the least !

  • TartLemon

    IMO, Kim’s gambling is something Kroy knows about, but not the EXTENT of. It’s one of the easiest addictions to cover up until that moment you realize ALL + SOME is G*O*N*E. The gambler hides it from themselves. A drug/alcohol choice of addiction is easy enough to identify with medical tests (blood, urine).

    It’s a CHOICE Kim makes. It’s Kroy’s choice to fund it or not. If she bets on her husband’s games, that’s illegal.

  • Mustang

    From day one, I have said that as soon as his NFL career is over, so is his marriage to the trashtastic KZ. If she is indeed gambling at anywhere near the pace indicated here, coupled with her spending like she’s entitled, his income will not keep up. If she blows through all his money now, there won’t be anything left for child support. She should keep that in mind. He strikes me as a bit clueless as to what he’s gotten himself into with her. She didn’t pop out those four kids by accident.

  • Mustang

    I noticed that on the first episode of Hard Knocks this season, being filmed in the Atlanta Falcons training camp, she managed to get herself and her brood all over the screen. Fame/tv contract whore doesn’t begin to describe her.

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