Game of Crowns: Botox, Brawls and Twitter Wars!

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Bravo’s newest reality show, Game of Crowns, has been getting some bad press right off the bat. This has nothing to do with ratings however; it is about bad behavior! Are you shocked? Nah, me either.

Game of Crowns depicts six married women and what they go through to compete in “Mrs” beauty pageants.

Before we get to the news, let’s review who is who:

Susanna Paliotta, Mrs. Nation USA 2013 and Mrs. Massachusetts Perfect Woman, is a pageant mom to her two daughters as well as a participant.

Shelley Carbone, a wholesome mother of four, won the title of Mrs. Connecticut 2010 before going on to win the title of Mrs. America 2011.

Lynne Diamante, who has a law degree and runs a multi-million dollar eyewear company, is a pageant lifer who was crowned Mrs. Rhode Island 20 years after winning Miss Rhode Island.

Vanassa Sebastian, whose marriage into a casino dynasty funds her pageant addiction, was Mrs. Connecticut 2012.

Leha Guilmette, Mrs. Rhode Island 2013, is currently preparing for the 2013 Mrs. America Pageant.

Lori-Ann Marchese, who holds the title of Mrs. Connecticut 2013, will face-off against Leha in the 2013 Mrs. America Pageant.

During the premier party which was held at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut a few weeks ago, a bloody brawl ensued. It started when Vanassa and her husband Brian crossed paths with Leha Guilmette and her husband Nick Guilmette on the red carpet.

Game of Crowns

Various news outlets have reported, two husbands started physically fighting. The fight got so bad that Nick channeled his inner Mike Tyson and bit Brian’s ear – not once but twice! A spokesperson from the casino said in a statement. “Foxwoods security, as well as Mashantucket and State Police all responded, and the situation was quickly diffused.”

Brian was treated, given stitches and released at a nearby hospital. No charges were made but the incident is still being investigated by the Connecticut State police. A source said that Brian will press charges against Nick.

Here is what I find to be the amusing part – Nick is a cop! Yup that’s right you heard me, he is a policeman. Apparently, Nick is very overbearing and all up in his wife’s beauty pageant business and talks horribly to the other women and their spouses. This could explain the form of contention between the other cast members and him.

The drama isn’t just on the show or the red carpet, it pores over to Twitter. It appeared that Susanna’s stylist, Anthony Palmieri, was tweeting some pretty nasty things to viewers of the show. The tweets were bad enough to get his account suspended.

Game of Crowns

When Anthony’s account was reinstated he came up with the typical excuse:

“My account was hacked I do not agree with nor do I promote bashing and or bullying of any kind.” 

Game of Crowns

Co-star Shelley tweeted to Anthony stating:

” Your vicious attacks on women and the bravo fans is unjust and inappropriate. You need to stop.  #manup #GameofCrowns  Anthony came back at Shelleysaying know the facts Shelly.. Ur little bought fans hacked my account. Bravo and NBC are watching. Play nice.”

Game of Crowns

Anthony responded with the following:

“@shelleycarbone know the facts Shelly.. Ur little bought fans hacked my account. Bravo and NBC are watching. Play nice”

Game of Throwns

It certainly sounds like this show is exactly what Bravo wants: beauty, botox, money, bitchiness and fighting.

Have you watched the show? If so what do you think of it?


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