The Gorga’s Tenant Escapes Eviction Again! Case Update

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Landlord tenant disputes are never easy and Melissa and Joe Gorga are learning this first hand in their ongoing legal battle with their deadbeat tenant, Kai Patterson

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars, claims they rented Kai Patterson their Montville, NJ home for $20,ooo a month in a rent-to-buy arrangement for the $3.8 million purchase price. Their tenant is currently 4 months in arrears. According to court docs, Patterson’s rent check bounced in April, then he failed to pay rent in May and June.

The Gorga’s tenant from hell scored a victory in court yesterday (August 1). Kai Patterson was scheduled to be evicted on Sunday, August 3, however, Judge Stephen Taylor delayed Patterson’s lockout for two more days, pushing it out to Tuesday, August 5.

Kai Patterson - Joe Gorga

According to Patterson’s attorney, Richard Koppenaal, the judge’s ruling will allow Patterson more time to follow up on his “motion to reconsider” his default on the lease. Judge Taylor scheduled a hearing for Tuesday, August 5, at that time Patterson may file a motion to dismiss the eviction.

As we reported, Joe Gorga was in court on July 17 attempting to have Kai Patterson evicted immediately for nonpayment of rent. The Gorga’s claimed, Patterson owes them $80,000 in back rent. On July 17, the judge permitted Patterson to remain in the residence for the next 17 days and ordered him to pay the couple $25,000. 


According to Koppenaal, his client paid the RHONJ couple, $10,000 rent for the month of August. Paterson’s position is, the $10,000 is the actual rent amount and the additional $10,000 goes toward the purchase of the home, under an amended lease agreement.

Additionally, Koppenaal maintains that the complaint against Patterson should be dismissed since Patterson’s company, Bounty Alert, is listed as the tenant on the lease not him. The Gorga’s lawsuit is against Patterson.

This case seems to be dragging on forever and I’m confident a resolution won’t be reached on Tuesday. Such trials and tribulations might drive Melissa and Joe Gorga out of the rental business forever.


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