Blind Item: Her Beard And Her Girlfriend

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This actress has starred in more than one television series. Although she was married  to someone else in the business, she is gay. No, she didn’t take her ex-husband for a ride. He fully knew about her preferences, and the beardy arrangement benefited them both.

She is in a “relationship” with a new guy now. It works for her because this guy doesn’t mind if the actress brings her girlfriend along on their “dates.”


Her TV Show/s:


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  • nan/4

    I have no idea, but I sure wish that I did!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Hi everyone my mom is still in ICU but I am prayerful that things will turn around. I’m hanging in there and so is she.
    My guess:
    Katie Holmes. Errbody knows she and Tom had an “arrangement”…she was on DAwson;s Creek and I believe another series…she “dates”..but something tells me something isn’t clean in the buttermilk…you never know…

    • Hi Ronnie! Thanks for the update. I’m praying for her, you and your family. Stay strong, sis. Hugs and kisses to you all.

      • RonnieIsBack

        Thanks Doc..sending you lots of hugs too. She is still at the hopital and is now conscious…thank goodness. #Staying Prayerful

    • Babson_Chick

      Wishing U and your mom the best!! My mom (91) was taken by amb. to ER this am so I took off to Hosp which is about 40 min away. Due to new meds her BP went wack – after many tests & some meds they leased her. Anyway….

      I don’t have any idea either – need more clues/hints something,lol.

      • RonnieIsBack

        Thanks for the kind words and I am so sorry about your mom…wow when it rains it pours..our generation. Hang in there and prayers are with you.

        • Babson_Chick

          So sweet of you. My mom is OK and I was exhausted from trying to keep her in the ER bed until she was formally released. Hope I’m that fiesty at that age lol.
          Prayers are being sent yourway !

  • Wendy Owen

    Sarah Michelle Geller! Boom!

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