Depressed Housewife: Teresa Giudice Close To Nervous Breakdown!

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Is convicted felon, Teresa Giudice from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” headed towards a nervous breakdown? That’s what a source tells Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

“Teresa has reached her breaking point. She can’t stop crying. Bravo’s producers are getting tired of her incessant rambling. They try to keep it quiet, but everyone on set knows that Teresa is heading for a nervous breakdown. I have no idea how she’s going to survive prison.”

The exclusive source to CDL went on to say:

“Dina told us everything about Teresa. There are so many secrets still hidden in her closet. If the press were to find out… Well, it won’t be pretty.”

As we reported yesterday, Teresa felt betrayed by Dina Manzo after told the other cast mates about things that were discussed during a luncheon with Teresa, Dina and Victoria Gotti. It would appear that Dina knows a lot of secrets.

The reality star’s sentence date is on September 23. It would appear that her fans have been quickly abandoning her sinking ship. Ratings for “The Real Housewives” are down and just last week, Teresa had such a dismal turnout for her Fabellini wine event an eyewitness said “A manager had to beg people who weren’t there for the event to take pictures with her.”

Considering Teresa just loved, loved, loved the attention she used to get before becoming a convicted felon, it’s no surprise she may be headed for a melt down!


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