Phony-Baloney Dina Manzo Gossips About Her “Friend” Teresa Giudice Behind Her Back!

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Did Dina Manzo betray Teresa Giudice’s trust? According to ROL that is how Teresa feels.

A source is saying that during a get together of Dina, Teresa and Victoria Gotti there were some very heartfelt discussions. Teresa poured her heart out and asked Dina to make sure what they talked about did not go any further.

Before I get into details, if you recall, Teresa met Victoria Gotti when they both appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. Victoria is the daughter of the late Gambino crime boss John Gotti. Victoria’s former husband, Carmine Agnello, served ten years in prison for racketeering. She divorced him while he was serving out his prison sentence.

Back to Dina, word is that she blabbed to the other cast members about the get together and Teresa is livid. Dina spilled the details on a trip to Miami. A trip that Teresa was not present probably due to her not being able to leave the New Jersey area unless it’s approved by the Courts.

Bravo is rumored to be upset with Giudice for not attending the trip with her other cast mates. The source of this story said:

“Teresa really wanted to go, but had to follow the advice.” They went on to say “Viewers should be very wary of Dina’s motivations. She wants to be the queen bee of the show, as her sister Caroline used to be. Now Teresa feels that she doesn’t have any true friends on the show, including her sister-in-law, Melissa [Gorga].”

Perhaps the only true friend Teresa has is Gotti. They do after all have a lot in common!


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