Hot Tea Alert: Tamra Judge Says Production Staged Scenes And She’s Pissed With Vicki!

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Tamra Judge 

On last night’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Orange County,” Vicki Gunvalson made some assertive comments about her shady friend, Tamra Judge. Vickie told Lizzie to watch her back with Tamra (pertaining to friendship) and expressed that Tamra is to blame for the divide between Briana and Brooks.

After last night’s airing of the RHOC, Vicki joined Andy Cohen in the “Watch What Happens Live” Clubhouse. Vicki spoke candidly about Tamra when a caller asked her why is she friends with Tamra, who seems evil. Vicki’s response was, she likes Tamra but she doesn’t like the bad, evil and sometimes two-sided part of Tamra.

Well, Tamra did NOT take kindly to Vicki’s remarks and has taken to her Facebook page to lash out respond.

Tamra is pissed! So much so, she posted her Bravo blog on her Facebook page to ensure Bravo would not edit her words. Wow!

Tamra spills the tea by describing instances where production staged scenes. While Tamra’s revelation is not groundbreaking news but it’s still shocking to see a reality “star” acknowledge it publicly. Read Tamra’s scathing Facebook post below:

Tamra Judge Facebook
See what happens when rich folks allow Trailer Park Trash into their circles….all their secrets are spilled.


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