Is Dina’s Psychic a Fraud? James Van Praagh Exposed!

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After watching last night’s episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey, I Googled Dina’s psychic, James Van Praagh. And as my gut instinct told me (I’m psychic – LOL), this man is a total fraud. His psychic reading of Teresa and Joe Giudice’s upcoming prison sentence was stuffed with public accessible facts that anyone can find with a simple internet search, not psychic spirits. No surprise Dina Manzo hangs out with a supposed phony psychic freak show.

Take a look at the video from last night’s episode of James giving Teresa a “psychic” reading:


I came across a pretty interesting video pertaining to Van Praagh and an incorrect medical prediction of Barbara Walters. When Van Praagh appeared on “The View” in 2009, he pulled Barbara aside backstage to inform her there was an issue with her blood.

Barbara being a non-believer, seeked professional medical advice. Her doctor’s checked her blood and found no blood-related medical issues.

Barbara was pissed at Van Praagh and took to her show to let him know how much he boiled “blood.” The former talk show host, says in the video:

“I’m skeptical and Mr. Van Praagh knows it,” she told viewers. Her tests showed that “I am absolutely normal. I think [Van Praagh’s statement] was a dangerous thing to do!”

Watch the video of a livid Barbara laying into the “psychic.”


Below is another video of James Van Praagh, screwing up royally at psychic cold reading.


Ten months after Van Praagh’s predictionBarbara announced she was undergoing surgery for a valve replacement. Van Praagh, used that opportunity to claim his prediction was correct. With such a vague prediction, I have serious doubts Barbara’s valve replacement and Van Praagh’s reading were related. 

James Van Praagh has quite the reputation of being inauthentic. I digged up numerous articles and personal testimonials asserting Van Praagh does not possess real psychic powers. Supposedly, he uses a repetitive performance of cold-reading techniques, where he suggests indefinite guesses and then repeats it back to his audience. Generally, the info are things the person has already told him or things that are apparent, like telling an Irish woman, she’s Catholic and then telling her the mass ritual performed at her love ones funeral. So obvious.

Van Praagh has been called out by many reputable media outlets as a fraud! Simply do a Google search on him.

What do you think of Dina’s psychic’s predictions about what’s to come for Teresa and her family? Sound off in the comments.


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