Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Kim Wants A Chef, Nanny & A Maid [Episode 2]

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Tonight’s episode of “Don’t Be Tardy” begins with Kim trying to figure out what’s happening on the nanny cams. “Kroy come here,” she yells. They are watching one of 59 cameras. Kim says it’s hard to keep up with all of the kids.

Don't Be Tardy

Next Kim is walking the twins in the stroller and Kash falls. He cries. She picks him up and complains. Kroy pulling KJ on a toy car, he falls and cries. Kim says things are very chaotic. Ya think? They talk about having four kids under the age of two and a half years old. The twins were buy one get one free. I wonder how much they spend on Excedrin Migraine medicine every month.

Brielle wants to drive their Range Rover and is complaining about the Honda she has to drive. All of her friends drive nice cars! Apparently she has wrecked 4 cars. Kim says no more expensive cars for her. She’s mad and is going to the mall. Kim jokes that the Honda is good enough for her when she wants to go to the mall. She has wrecked all of the cars except for the Honda. Good point! Keep her in the Honda.

Back to camera watching time. Kim and Sweetie are now taking selfies. Kim wants tightening without working out. Kim thinks she looks amazing. She does for having SIX kids. She doesn’t want to eat healthy even though Sweetie wants her to and is trying to get her to. “Enjoy life you only go around one time.” Kim says. No salad for her. Unless she needs to sh*t.

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Kroy is also on Kim’s case about her sweet tooth. He says she needs to balance her diet. Right now it consists of sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar. Oh and some pasta. We get it you eat what you want and you are a self-proclaimed size 2. She tells Kroy that she wants a chef to cook good home cooked meals. She also wants a nanny for the twins. The only one, Lana, is responsible for KJ and Kash. And hey why they are at it, throw in a housekeeper. Kroy say no pool boys unless he gets to pick out the nanny.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.42.31 PM

Kim says this is not let’s make a mother f*cking deal! And absolutely no Russian young thing with a banging body. They are not equal opportunity employers. Not up in this bitch.

We are back to watching the camera’s again. There are too many cries but she knows their cries. KJ was lying on the floor saying his leg hurts. They have to take him to the doctor right away. Kim is frantic. He was roughhousing in the closet with Lana. The doctor comes in and explains that he fractured his tibia. Nanny and Kim are crying. He needs a cast. Lana is feeling bad. After the cast is put on they will go get ice cream maybe even with a worm in it. KJ says “yeah.” Poor thing but he was so brave.

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Kroy and KJ are hanging out doing rehab on their right legs. Sweetie has been at the store for an hour. Kim is going to try to cook ravioli and takes Kaia from Kroy. She goes back upstairs. Kroy is calling her on the 2-way radio. He says the boys are injured and need her help. She says that Kaia is crying. He offers to take Kaia so Kim can finish dinner. 

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She goes back upstairs and he calls her again and she is getting irritated. I would have turned the damn thing off after all Lana was standing there doing absolutely nothing. Kroy says that Kaia is spitting up. She runs back to the boys and says things upstairs are utter chaos between babies crying and dinner trying to be made.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.09.03 AM

Sweetie is back from the store. Brielle and Ariana started their own dinner because Kim doesn’t usually cook. Kim says she would love to clone herself but she would probably get pregnant too. Kim tells the girls that it’s been a very emotional day for herself and Lana with KJ getting hurt. Brielle commented that it was Lana’s fault KJ hurt himself. Lana walked away crying. Kroy beeps Kim again on the 2-way, she tells him what just happened. She is yelling at Brielle and tells her to apologize. She asks Kim what she should say. She says she isn’t good at drama or dealing with emotional people. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.04.17 AM

“I feel bad.” Brielle says through the bathroom door.  “You should!” Lana yells back. Kim says that Brielle doesn’t have a filter on her mouth. Gee I wonder where she got THAT from? Brielle keeps knocking. “I’m sorry.” Kim says she is sorry and she didn’t mean it like that. Kroy keeps beeping with the 2-way. Sweetie yells “your sauce is burning.” Kim looks at her but Sweetie says she can’t do anything because she has a baby in her arms.

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Kroy is giving one of the babies a bath. Kim says Sweetie needs to clean up because the place is a mess. She asks Kroy if he wants a glass of wine with her later. Suddenly they see a stranger in the backyard by the pool. Kim goes to check it out. I’m sorry but if a strange man were in MY backyard, I would make my man go check him out. Stranger says that Sweetie hired him to clean the pool. He is from England. “Wait until my daughter sees you,” Kim says and walks away.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.15.13 AM

Arianna thinks he is cute. Kim says she has raging hormones and that she doesn’t want her to put her swim suit on and prance around in front of him.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.17.31 AM

Next, some strange woman wearing tight denim jeans and a denim cut off top comes walking into the kitchen. She’s carrying a broom. Kim asks who she is. “I’m Jam, Sweetie hired me to clean.” Now at this point I find it very hard to believe that with 59 surveillance cameras in that house, they wouldn’t have known a pool boy and some chick that loves denim didn’t get onto their property.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.18.58 AM

Oh and guess what? Sweetie also hired a chef! He cooks molecular gastronomy which means he adds chemical compounds to add structure to the food. Well, it looks like a chem lab. Kim tells him that he better not blow up her damn house. Then she makes Sweetie try the couscous. Kim doesn’t like it. Nope that kind of cooking is not for the Beiermann’sKim thinks Sweetie hired him for herself. He’s fired before he’s hired.

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Next, they are back talking to Jam who tells them, “I thought I was interviewing not working today.” She apologized for her appearance and asked is there specifications regarding wardrobe. “You have a nice booty,” Kim tells her. And hello sexual harassment lawsuit. Kroy says “I’m the husband,” Jam replies, “Hello man of the house.”

Jam asks if they want to get rid of Christmas trees. They do but there isn’t a place to put them. Jam suggests putting Easter eggs on them? Kim says it’s a great suggestion and calls Sweetie on the phone. She tells her “let me know when you are going to hire someone.” Sweetie says she did it because Kim was stressed and put her in control. She swears Jam can clean. Kim says she is going to kick Sweetie’s ass.

Could Kim be pregnant AGAIN? We will find out next week.


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