Carole Radziwill Attacks! Slams Sonja and Aviva in Her Bravo Blog with Mean Insults!

Posted on Jul 24 2014 - 3:55pm by Editor

She was not done with Sonja, she went on to state:

“What the hell? I’m not on Team Sonja? I should have known. She did make this clear in the first episode when she thought it was fine to trash talk my career behind my back. And then later when, instead of shutting down gossip about my ex-boyfriend, she fanned the flames (even implying she slept with him). A girl’s girl she is not. So, yeah. No. Sonja doesn’t want me on her team and that’s OK with me. Her team is really crowded. Healers, psychics, facialists, surgeons, acupuncturists, feng shui experts, dog groomers, image gurus. And, of course. . .interns. Me? I travel light.”

Next in Carole’s hot seat was Aviva Drescher and #LegGate, she writes:

“Yes, it was hard to take Aviva’s 50 percent lung capacity asthma with any seriousness. It’s not because we’re a bunch of insensitive cows, it’s quite the opposite. We spent two months listening to her talk about all her ailments. She probably is sick. But it doesn’t keep her from traveling. I would tell you how I know this (other than common sense) some other time because apparently there’s a gag order. I did have to laugh when Sonja outed Aviva’s boob job. So her leg actually isn’t the only fake thing about her, but luckily it was the only fake thing she threw on the floor. I took her doctor’s business card. Hey, why not? You never know when you’ll need a note to get out of gym class. Apparently he’s a “doctor to the stars,” and we all know what that means. That’s the doc who will write letters for celebrities saying they suffer from dehydration and exhaustion or mercury poison to get them out of a movie deal or going to rehab.”

Aviva Drescher

“Aviva said I protested too much about her accusations of ghostwriting? She asked me at lunch and I said, “No.” And that was it. Remember, this was taped. Then, yes, I got spit angry at her and defended myself when she belittled my accomplishments, trashed my novel, impugned my relationship with my late husband’s family and ridiculed my age (Hello??? I’m not much older than her and look 10 years younger. Snap.). I called her some names. It wasn’t my finest moment. But sh– happens. If she thinks I protested too much, let’s look at what she does to convince us she has acid reflux asthma. She starts to use an inhaler at every moment. She carries around a weekend bag full of her medicine ready to throw at anyone who dares to question her. She hauls around medical reports, business cards, and chest X-rays (to diagnose asthma, seriously?). She brings a doctor’s note with her wherever she goes and she regales us with all her other medical illnesses including a bout of Legionaire’s disease that she mistook for a summer cold. Instead of saying, “You don’t believe me? Too bad.”

The ladies reunite next week for the  jaw-dropping part one of the reunion. Ramona is in the hot seat for her behavior towards Kristen in Montana, and Carole confronts Sonja about spreading rumors about her ex. Plus, LuAnn minces no words telling Sonja exactly what she thinks of her and her sometimes questionable headspace. 

Take a look at a sneak peek below:


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  • Norrth

    This is now the least likable group of people in franchise, now, for me. Carole leads the pack. she and LuAnn are full on insults (I even quit watching WWHL when LuAnn insulted a caller who asked her about Harry).

    • LuAnn has become quite the pompous phony.

      • Howit

        They all look like Transevites because they wear way too much make-up. Whatever happened to less is more? The more they gob on their eyes with dark liner and harsh lipstick the more it tends to age them about 20 yrs. LOL. I feel like I am watching clowns at a rodeo, their faces so over made up. Ugly!

        • Lorn

          It isn’t the make-up that makes them look old its the plastic surgery, botox, and fillers to look younger–it doesn’t work.

  • WestCoastFeed

    “I called her some names. It wasn’t my finest moment. But sh– happens.”

    Carole, you were awful, especially on twitter. Why not try apologizing?

    • twifan2

      Not in her ‘nature’, WCF. :/

      • Yup! She can’t even admit she used a ghostwriter.

        • twifan2

          Sadly, so true! ;D

    • Her ego is way too big too apologize.

  • OMG! So Crypt Keeper thinks she looks 10 years younger than Aviva? On what planet does this delusional woman reside? She must really surround herself with yes-men *cough Heather & Kristen* and liars because she far from attractive (inside and out). Ugh!!!!!

    • Missy Michelle


  • twifan2

    It’s like watching What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? These over-the-hill-wanna-be -young-forever women need to realize they all ain’t that! smh

  • Kiki Oluwo

    Carole is ugly, aged and I was surprised that she’s 50 years old.I could have sworn she’s 65 years old despite the fact that Whites age quicker. she’s a nasty, mean, arrogant woman who acts as if she’s better than the other women. Frankly, I hate that they pick on Aviva. Why is it that when Aviva stands up to them, people call her crazy? Same with Kenya Moore, when Kenya stands up to her bullies, she’s called crazy! Why is that? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Carole, eat something and get your teeth fixed.

    • Spot on Kiki. Glad you see it too.

    • Missy Michelle

      If she’s 50 then I’m 37 because I’m 52 and that lady definetely looks 15 yrs older than me…holy shit!! She also has a strange resemblance to Steven Tyler….ewwww. Jmo

      • Right. Hell….if she’s 50 then I’m 16…damn it!

        • cait

          Oh Doc, we’re done, can’t be hanging out with a baby ! A tiny tear trickles down her cheek !

          • LOLOL!!! You’re a hoot, lady!

      • Trippinhhard

        Naw Carole is lying, I’m in my mid 50’s and been sick with too many diseases n illness in the last 14 yrs… She looks older than my 80yr old mother..
        I’ve never had any work on my body—just medical surgeries—-
        Carole is old ugly not hip or cool—-also she don’t know how to act on a first date—-LuAnn was so embarrassed, at her that night…

      • Agstisme

        Again Missy…..I think the same thing!!! Steven Tyler!!! Great minds think alike.

  • Michael

    It seems as though Carole;s entire storyline is to attack all the other wives. I really don’t think she would be a fun person to hang around. You would always have to be watching everything you say and do because she is watching and waiting to have something to blog about.

    • Exactly. She seems like the type of person either kiss her ass or you can’t be her friend.

  • twifan2

    I wonder if Carole is one of the ones on the chopping block?
    Maybe that’s why she’s trying so hard to stay ‘relevant’?

    • WestCoastFeed

      Whoever wrote the Reality T blog, thinks the this may have been Carole’s swan song. And that she doesn’t want to return. If this year didn’t help her in book sales, why come back?

      • twifan2

        ‘And that she doesn’t want to return.’ that I have serious doubts about.
        She’s out!

      • It’s a moot point, there is nothing to come back to. RHONY may be taking the RHOM route to Cancellation-ville.

        • italiano bambino

          Don’t say that seuss :/

          • The ratings are saying it not me…sorry Bam 🙁

            RHOM might come back. Keep hope alive!

      • Trippinhhard

        That’s a lie—she loves herself too much—the show might not come back
        Everyone will try n save their jobs—they’re on TV to GE seen—some don’t need the money, but fame is something else … JS

  • cait

    Only saw Carol in her first season on HW. From a good background, accomplished author and intelligent ! So how did she turn into trailer trash or is that what HW does to these people ?

    • WestCoastFeed

      Is she really an accomplished author? She has 2 books, one a memoire and the other a comic novel. Her Kennedy connection insured that her memoire would do well. How about this most recent venture? Has it been well reviewed?

      • Trippinhhard

        Thank u WCF—-she no more accomplish than myself, and my sister has 4#1 best selling according to the NY list…. Only 10% of all writers can write! edit, proofread! correct content meaning etc…. Short story—-someone has to read n edit or you have to rewrite one book 5-6 times to complete ONE BOOK–
        anyone can also self publish—I did that in 1974, book of my poetry, the school told me mine was too sappy and sad — I still published it n sold @2000..
        It’s never about money to me, it about something I feel good at….
        Everything is viewed different by anyone, so I always think someone else will like it also….

      • IMO she’s FAR from accomplished. I know 4 average people who are authors, they all must be accomplished.

  • italiano bambino

    My great ass carole words are looking more an ass then anything.

  • Trippinhhard

    Um I don’t have Cable I. My little quint home, my wealthy neighbor have direct TV or
    But Carole has always made me sick of my stomach, and her ass is nothing to brag about, neither her looks… I’m sorry but I love Sonja, I know she crazy, slutty, dirty, but she’s not the least bit broke, hope she really is getting it together. The blonde w/the sarcastic husband makes me sick, she’s a complete whiner… Carole stop trying so hard to be hip n cool, you are too damn old for that, u look desperate and stupid… She has a lot to celebrate, instead of complaining…IMO

    • Yup! I love Sonja too. Sonja and Aviva are my favs.

      • Trippinhhard

        I always root for the underdog—but I’ve always loved Sonja —now the slutty part, shouldn’t be shown, but that her—
        Aviva—like her when she not inventing new illnesses.. lol
        When she’s not faking her illnesses —-no one can win an argument with her, she fight fair, and she stick to the point —no one beat her, until she started complaining. Lol

  • Missy Michelle

    Is it just me or why do a lot of the woman on all the RH shows look like Transvestites? I keep finding myself looking for an Adam’s apple somewhere. There’s at least 1 and sometimes 2-3 in each RH show!

    • Birdie11

      Ummm…YES! Especially on RHONJ!

    • Agstisme

      Missy….I have thought the very same thing for years now. At least you have validated my some times crazy thoughts!!!

  • Birdie11

    The above pic of Carole…WOOF! Ramona’s hair looks great for the reunion.

  • Trippinhhard

    Um just saw a commercial for WWL Andy’s show
    Heather, Romona and LuAnn look very chic n healthy looking women
    Hey they look HOT to me. Lol
    Trying to catch up on Hulu, but Hulu don’t work on Apple shit ugh iPads are the shit, but they also rule what u can use or see… Bye now

  • Lorn

    Carole is full of ish’. I found her comment about Aviva’s leg being fake disgusting. She isn’t hot and she doesn’t look younger than Aviva. Her ego must make her delusional. I’m sick of this werewolf thinking she’s above others.

  • Wow! ehat a crazy sneak peak. Good recap by the way

  • Bow Tie GuyNYC

    LMAO – Carole looks 10 years younger than Aviva?? If
    anything they look the same age and Aviva is younger than Carole. The award for
    the most beautiful RHONY goes to Luann De Lesseps without question. She is a
    natural beauty and the same age as Carole. There is something I didn’t like
    about Carole, but now I see it. She tried to play all nice and for her first
    season, then the claws came out. At least be authentic from the start. Kristen
    needs to go- her facial expressions are contrived and annoying, Ramona is past
    her time-tired of seeing her, Sonja is a mess, she needs to work on herself.
    Heather is okay and Aviva- well I don’t need to go into her too much.

  • Tp

    Remember the episode when Carole told Hearher she was having a facelift? I thought to myself.. Yes! Do it. She looks like she is 80! Then she revealed that she was talking about her apartment. 🙁 she goes on and on about how young she looks and her great ass. Her ass is saggy like the rest of her and she looks really old to me. To make the statement that she looks 10 yrs younger than Aviva is ballsy. She opened herself up for that one. The other ladies all look great, especially Sonja, but she’s looks like their grandmother.

    • Tp

      Granted, she dresses way younger than the other, usually looking silly. It looks so strange to see a granny dressed up like a teenager. She looks ridiculous .

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