Apollo Nida Finally Admits To Lying About Kenya Moore & Text Messages

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Apollo Nida has finally come clean about the Kenya Moore #TextGate. It appears he’s making things right before he starts serving his 8-year prison term. He might be looking for “friends” to put money on his books while he’s in the pokey. Nevertheless, he’s finally confessing to lying to his wife about the former Miss USA pursuing him.

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As we previously reported, Bravo is currently filming season 7 of the RHOA and at a recent taping at Peter Thomas, Bar One restaurant, sources tell Straight From The A, the following:

“Apollo Nida could very well be on a mission to clean up a bunch a mess before he has to turn himself in to the feds and judging from his recent actions during a RHOA taping at Bar One restaurant, that could possibly be the case.
Things were terribly tense during the taping and I stayed away from the cameras since I didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement… but what I DID see was Apollo being prepped for a scene with Kenya. He appeared a bit agitated and it was almost like he knew it was a set up… but oh well, the show must go on, right?
Anywho0… my sources all reveal that Phaedra was actually on her way to the event, but when she heard that Apollo was there, she never showed up.
During the evening’s festivities, Apollo reportedly admitted to Kenya that he only told Phaedra that the former beauty queen was pursuing him, in response to Kenya throwing out the fact that he’d texted her. Apparently the texts were innocent, but if you recall, Moore brought them up during the season 5 reunion as if Apollo was trying to pursue her.
During Cynthia’s Ebony Mag Celebration, Apollo and Kenya filmed a scene on the steps of Bar One (alone), and apparently it was then that Kenya demanded an apology from him about everything that had taken place over the past few seasons.
I heard that Kenya also apologized to Apollo about her role in the situation, but I’m almost positive editing will make it all one sided.”



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