Real Housewives of New York Recap: All Legs Are Off! [Season Finale]

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Sonja is in a foul mood the morning after Harry and LuAnn’s betrayal, driving the interns crazy.  She sprained her leg chasing after him and is hurt – physically and emotionally, that he would leave her behind at the party after just giving her that ring. Ramona and Kristen are there to give Sonja comfort and validation. Sonja reports hearing LuAnn saying that she’s single now – one of the interns confirms hearing it too.  Ramona says F-her and says that she’s not a girls’ girl. Kristen says she’s just now finding that out about Lu. Sonja thinks Harry will regret it and states that he is not getting the girl. She is attracting tons of men and doesn’t need him. GO SONJA!  I hope she means it. 

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Kristen and Josh are up next. My stomach is turning because I always wait for him to put a smack down on her out of the blue. She mentions that they have had several sessions with the therapist and things are going well. He’s planning an ad campaign and wants to skew “younger and more vibrant.” She’s shocked that he doesn’t want to use his model wife, someone who uses his products daily and who still looks pretty good. She says that she hates to think of seeing someone he paid to advertise his product on a billboard instead of her. To my surprise, he takes her seriously and says his team will consider it. Kristen, who feels she is so much more than just a housewife, is excited thinking she’ll be featured on a billboard. Bravo TV is like a shame and fear inducing partner. Whenever a HW is happy, I wait for production to drop the other shoe. A happy housewife, on this show, is often an omen for very bad things.

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Back as Sonja’s: she’s calling for Pickles to help her get her crutches, scooting down the stairs in fashionable low heel boots. BRILLIANT! Sonja is throwing a party for those who are #TeamSonja, roughly 35 people who have helped her maintain her life – Heather (who tried to help her with her branding), Aviva (Just because), her dog groomer, facialist, etc. I’m assuming Ramona is on the list of the fabulous 35 who’ve kept her going. Just then, LuAnn walks through the door. We find out that Sonja called her over. LuAnn is first denying that she jumped into a cab with Harry – she would never do that having just broken things off with Jacques. She says that Sonja’s sources are stirring up trouble that he jumped in the cab with her. She also claims that she thought Sonja went home and thinks Sonja should be asking why Harry would leave her at a party. Lu claims she has not slept with Harry and wants Sonja to have faith in her; they only went dancing.  Sonja shows maturity and says that she has known LuAnn too long and invites her to the party. OH NO! Sonja wants an explanation from Harry or he will lose her for good. :heavy sighing:

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Heather is working on getting a new handbag for Carole – stating that her good friend needs to up her bag game.  The bag she chooses is 9K, but the proceeds go to a children’s charity.  We get an update on Jax. We find out that there is a second opinion on the surgery that was supposed to help reverse the hearing loss – flashback to the summer in the Hamptons and the hope raising phone call from the first doctor.  The opinions are in conflict. Carole relates the story of her husband getting multiple opinions when he became ill. Heather and Jonathan have decided to listen to Jax, who has said that he doesn’t feel his hearing is that bad and they decide to wait before taking action. 

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Kristen is being included the eBoost campaign!  She’s excited. Josh holds a string bikini and says he wants to know if she’s planning to wear it.  She jokingly says that she has to “run down the street and get a wax for that one, player.” The room laughs and in that moment, I get why they got together in the first place. Kristen is excited that they get to see each other in their own element. I hope it will be good for Josh to see his wife as a professional.  The photographer wants “orgasmic” reactions from her.  Josh likes what he sees and asks her to bring it home.  Kristen notices that he seems impressed.  He hugs her and tells her she still has it.  So cute. If the producers saved this scene for the finale, THANK YOU!  It was worth airing.

Back to Sonja who feels that Harry takes too many chances.  He wants to talk things out and move beyond it. He claims that he did call her the next morning, she’s not buying it – she knows he didn’t and he calls her every morning. She wants him to know how it hurts her that he gave her a ring and ditched her. He claims Heather told him not to let Lu go by herself. They told him they would wait for Sonja. She tells him it’s bullshit. He tells her nothing happened with LuAnn, he wished it had, but nothing happened. Harry says it was stupid to leave and thinks they shouldn’t end a 25 year relationship over this. She says that she’s not ending their relationship, just the concept of him being with her in a committed relationship. She breaks up with him. She tells him if they’re both single in another 10 – 20 years, maybe they can try again. I could kiss Sonja for standing up.

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Carole’s apartment looks great. We see it as she invites Kristen and Heather over for drinks.  She does have a desk and chair in the kitchen but the kitchen is still there.  Her old apartment was first-real-job-after-college cool.  The renovation is successful-adult-beautiful. The finishes are amazing and must look even better in person. Heather praises Carole’s great taste.  They also look at the new book. Kristen jokes about wanting to write a book and finding out if Carole knows someone. Carole jokes that she knows a good ghostwriter. #LetItGo. They can’t understand why Sonja loves Aviva after getting a text to let them know that Aviva will be at her party. Kristen comments that Aviva is the outsider. The other two join in and make biting comments about Aviva. Heather tops it with a comment about Aviva’s need for mental health counseling. I always find those comments small and petty coming from co-workers, especially since each of these women have had less than stellar moments on screen. They plan to take her down at Sonja’s party. Utterly classless.

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For some reason, one I cannot fathom, Ramona and Carole are having lunch together. It airs as part of the interstitial. Ramona talks about a super hot guy who was after her when she was younger, before Mario. That guy? FABIO! Whoa! Carole is stunned and tells her she should tell Mario to be careful, she could have had Fabio. We learn that Ramona feels that she and Mario have an incredibly hot relationship; there is nothing for him to worry about. I now think Ramona is too good for Mario if the scuttlebutt about him is true.

Sonja is late for her own party, but Lu and Sakoto. No contact? I waited for the fireworks. The guest of honor has finally arrived – Sonja even introduces Pickles by her given name: Naomi. The other housewives are gossiping about Aviva, who comes in shortly after Sonja walks into the room. Ramona can’t believe Sonja is giving a speech instead of personally greeting the friends she’s kept waiting for more than an hour. LuAnn is snarking about the speech and Sonja, as Sonja is speaking. Ramona finds the speech rambling. Sonja thanks them all for making her the person she is and says the party is for them, not her. Given the hell of the Montana trip, the HWs are pissed that she didn’t bother asking them about it. Sonja calls them emotional vampires for ramping up and making Aviva feel excluded. Sonja says that she saw them talking while she giving her speech, Heather denies it and then says, well, it was a long speech. Sonja is not happy.

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Kristen turns to Aviva’s weight loss (10 pounds by Aviva’s reporting, 15 by Kristen’s estimation).  Since, she says, asthma is supposed to make you bloated, she thinks Aviva should deal with whatever has caused her to lose so much weight in two weeks – which appears to be the amount of time since the Montana trip. Heather, in a TH, says that Aviva is toxic and should know that no one is just going to forgive and forget. They tell her that her problems are bigger than asthma. Kristen swears she’s been trying to be a friend to Aviva – Aviva refutes that. Carole tells her she’s been the most horrible person to all of them. Aviva pulls her x-ray to prove she has asthma. She tries to use sarcasm to show how silly the women are and it falls flat.  She says that Carole is orchestrating it to punish her for what she’s heard about Carole’s writing. Lu, in particular, is upset by Aviva.

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I find this all too odd.  Are they seriously ganging up on her for NOT traveling with them? It is bizarre to me that they question her health, or that she continues to try to provide evidence that she is ill.  I would say SCREW IT. Is Heather now unstable?  She begins yelling that she wants to go home, this is not worth her time. Are these women crazy? This was Sonja’s party and they turned it into a bullshit battle over things they don’t really care about, I’m sure. If it’s true none are coming back but Ramona, I will miss Sonja, but applaud losing the rest of them, Aviva for her own sake, the other women for my sake. No matter how you feel about Aviva, it seems to be true that the rest of them didn’t turn on her until the book issue. I am floored about their bragging about their great lives, as they become mindlessly caught up in minutia. 

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Aviva says that everything is real about her but her leg, and takes it off and throws it at Heather. The room is stunned. Aviva tells Heather that it seems that Heather wants her to crawl home.

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Heather finds it amusing and annoying. That’s pretty much the way I’ve felt about most of the season. We find out that:

  • Kristen is doing well with her new modeling agency.  She and Josh are on track.
  • Heather’s son Jax had a less invasive procedure and they continue to monitor things.
  • Aviva has moved on with her book and is feeling good about life.
  • Carole gives Aviva her leg back and follows up by telling her she needs help.
  • Ramona and Mario are working on their marriage and Avery got straight A’s her first year.
  • Sonja has sold her home in France to pay her debt and appears to still be Harry free!
  • Speaking of Freedom.. Reunion and OUT!  I’ll see you then.


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