Dina Manzo Happy Teresa Giudice Is Going To Prison So She Can Have The Top Spot?

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Disgraced housewife and future jailbird, Teresa Giudice has a lot on her plate lately from a looming prison sentence to owing creditors $13.4 million in her recent bankruptcy judgement.

[READ] Convicted Felon, Teresa Giudice Bankruptcy Finalized: They Owe Creditors $13.4 Million!

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband, Joe Giudice, have pleaded guilty to 9 counts of fraud and tax evasion. Teresa faces up to 27 months in prison, while Juicy Joe will likely get 46 months in the pokey and deportation to his motherland, Italy.

As we reported, ratings for the new season of the RHONJ have been in the toilet. According to Bravoratings, only a dismal 2.14 million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere episode. The demographic consisted of age group 18-49. That’s an epic fail. Season 6 was hyped up by the network and the hope was that Teresa Giudice’s legal woes would attract a boatload of viewers. However, it seems their strategy backfired, viewers just tuned out and genuinely don’t want to see Teresa Giudice and her family drama.

Despite all the reality star’s legal turmoil there’s one ray of hope in Teresa’s life, that’s her BFF Dina “Zen” Manzo. You know, the hired best friend by her side to wipe her tears and hold her hand. Teresa views Dina as a confidant and trustworthy friend.

According to CDL, a source tells them exclusively:

 “Dina is extremely happy about Teresa’s pending ‘departure’. This is the perfect opportunity for Dina to become an integral part of the show. She’s always been jealous of Teresa’s fame. It’s only a matter of time before Teresa realises that her best friend stabbed her in the back.”

Dina Manzo using Teresa Giudice for fame and opportunity? Unheard of! *sarcastic smile*

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