Ladies of London Recap: Caprice Has Arrived, Roll Out The Red Carpet…Sound The Trumpets! [Season Finale]

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We are back at Caroline’s dinner party where Noelle is whispering into Marissa’s ear. Lady Julie asks if that is something she learned in her etiquette class. Up until now, that’s the snarkiest comment from the usually diplomatic Lady Julie. By George, I think she’s got it! 

Caprice is on her way to Caroline’s dinner party to resolve the horrible energy. When she arrives, Lady Julie is the only one excited to see her. Caroline is perturbed that Caprice didn’t acknowledge her first, as proper manners dictate. Caprice is perturbed that Caroline didn’t stand to greet her, as proper manners dictate. Caprice sits next to Noelle and an awkward chit-chat ensues with the rest of the ladies. Caroline suggests they move to the other end of the veranda to relax. Caprice announces that she can’t stay because she’s had a really long day and she’s really tired and her surrogate called to say she’s dilated and could have the baby any minute. Umm, Caprice, that’s not exactly what she said. The ladies ask why she hasn’t gotten on a plane immediately. 

Ladies of London

Then a funny thing happens. All the ladies need to simultaneously go to the loo. Except Juliet, who Caroline has to ask to go to the loo so Caroline can discuss the elephant in the room with Caprice. Not exactly a nice thing to say to a pregnant women, but we understand what Caroline means. Caprice says she has no issue—this is Caroline’s issue. Caroline says fine,  her issue is with shower-gate. There is a disagreement between being asked to host the party versus offering to host the party. In an effort to change the subject, Caprice says that she learned something very upsetting today. Her issue is Caroline’s “borderline bullying” of Noelle and Marissa who graciously offered to throw Caprice a shower. However, if memory serves correctly, Marissa didn’t offer either. She was recruited. Caroline says she will get the emails to prove it and warns Caprice about using the word bully. Caprice says it’s time for her to leave, but not before Caroline reads her the email proving the point that shower-gate was not offered, but asked.

Ladies of London

Caprice says again that she is leaving and tells Marissa she has a gift for her in the car. This is just a ploy to get Marissa alone, but Caroline is incensed that Caprice has brought a gift for a guest and not for the host. I mean, even Noelle brought a bottle of champagne, even if she did drink it on the way. Caroline calls Noelle a “frickin $hit-stirrer” though Noelle isn’t there to hear it. When Noelle joins the ladies, Caroline asks her to clarify the supposed bullying she was put through.

Ladies of London

We then shift to the front of the house where Caprice is telling Lady Julie and Marissa her version of events with her British accent suddenly becoming more pronounced. Caprice said she questioned why Caroline would bully Marissa and Noelle about throwing her a baby shower. Marissa explains that she understands where Caroline is coming from. She’s the new girl. Who is she to come in and take over hosting duties? 

We shift back to Caroline who tells Noelle that she wasn’t being bullied. Noelle says she never used that word. She said, “Giving us a hard time.” Caroline then lowers the boom and tells Noelle she cannot come into her home, eat her food, drink her wine (and champagne) and pretend to be her friend, while actually playing off the two of them. Noelle is drunk confused about where the b-word came from. And she’s also miffed that she’s taking the heat while Marissa has slipped under the radar. What radar is that? Marissa didn’t insert herself in the middle of this mess.

Ladies of London

Back out front again, Caprice yet again mentions how gracious it was for Marissa to offer to throw the baby shower for her. Marissa says that she definitely remembers Caprice bringing up the idea for her to throw the baby shower. Caprice is caught and claims pregnancy brain. Noelle joins Caprice and Marissa out front and begins mumbling about the heat she is taking from Caroline and her baby shower and being a bad person. I’m actually feeling bad for Noelle at this point and wish someone would serve her a cup of tea. 

Caprice explains the she was the one who used the word bully. Marissa says she will deal with it. She goes back to Caroline and tells her how upset Noelle is and that it was Caprice who used the b-word. Caprice, who was supposed to leave thirty minutes ago, returns to Caroline to inform her that it was she who said the b-word. What she meant to say was, mean. By this point, no one cares. Caroline tells Caprice that she cannot call her a bully in her own home and asks her to leave. Caprice (finally) does and Lady Julie leaves with her. Caroline asks Noelle to think before she speaks in the future so not to cause unnecessary drama. Kudos to Juliet who is usually the one being accused of this. 

Ladies of London

The following morning there is a rehashing of the events from the night before. Caprice and Annabelle are on the phone. Marissa and Noelle are on the phone. And Caroline and Juliet are together at Caroline’s house. Annabelle tells Caprice she’s being harsh calling Caroline a bully. Noelle says she feels bad for putting herself in the middle. And Juliet says she’s enjoying being the rational one…for once. 

We join Caprice in Los Angeles. Her surrogate is in labor. Things are progressing slowly, but we finally hear the beautiful sounds of a newborn crying. It’s sweet to see Caprice cuddling her son. After a quick shot of Annabelle moving about with more ease on her crutches, she is shown the black and white striped jersey with skull head that she would have worn in the horse race. Annabelle says that she has gotten better at asking for help. Back with Caprice, she goes into labor and gives birth to her first baby and second son. She says that she’s heard from Lady Julie, Annabelle, and Marissa, but hasn’t heard from the other ladies, and doesn’t care.

Ladies of London

Ladies of London

The final scene is at the Audi Polo Cup that is attended by Royals and Bianca Jagger. As usual for Bravo, they have a TH with each personality, and then an update. So to end this series in the same fashion we started, here is the update for each of the ladies:

Noelle – Has learned to be more strategic in her thinking and actions. The court ruled Scot’s worth at 40 million pounds. His ex-wife was awarded 20 million pounds. Scot proposed to Noelle the next day with a 6 carat diamond ring. 

Juliet – Has learned that she’s not going to change the American inside. She and her family will be staying in London, though she doesn’t feel the need for anymore etiquette lessons.

Marissa – Feels that she has come into her own during this whirlwind summer. She’s had a second baby boy and now has an heir and a spare.

Caroline – Has decided to spend the remainder of the summer away from London. She has not spoken with Caprice since her dinner party, but still socializes with Juliet and the other Americans.

Caprice – Says there is a new Caprice and Caroline had better watch out. She is back in London and still never received her baby shower.

Annabelle – Has learned to appreciate life and be humble. She plans to ride again.

With the season finale over marking the conclusion to season one of the Ladies of London, there’s just one thing left to say: Please come back for season 2!


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