Game of Crowns Recap: Was Leha’s Husband Out of Line? [Episode 2]

Posted on Jul 21 2014 - 4:07am by Jamie V


Alright, Crowners (can we make that a thing?) here comes the second episode of Toddlers & Tiaras: All Grown Up Game of Crowns.” 

Game of Crowns

Picking up from last week’s fight, reminiscent of a poor man’s “B*tch stole my look,” involving Vanassa Sebastian and Susanna Paliotta, the women arrive at their hotel. Vanassa declares she’s not nervous about rooming with Susanna, just nervous that she might choke her. Susanna rooms with Lynne Diamante and they both agree that the fight was just a result of too much going on. I mean, the flight, how exhausting! 

Game of Crowns

This scene goes right into a sit down between Susanna and Vanassa. Vanassa demands an apology for Susanna’s insensitive comment about her breasts. In this case, I’m siding with Vanassa. You don’t make such comments about a breast cancer survivor. That’s crossing a line. 

Game of Crowns

Susanna wants clarification on what an apology would do. Umm, maybe let us all know you’re not completely horrible? *Spoiler Alert* She’s completely horrible! In the end, after a pretty intense lip-gloss application, courtesy of Vanassa, Susanna apologizes and both ladies agree to start over.

Game of Crowns

Pageant Eve! The ladies not competing have gathered for what is continually compared by Lynne as “game-day-talk.” I know next to nothing about sports, but I’m pretty sure this has nothing in common with guys talking sports. 

Game of Crowns

Vanassa says she likes Leha, but dear Lord, that face is a wreck! She worries that the judges will clearly see she’s just a 40-footer. The other women giggle and prove they’re just as shallow and bitchy. Shelley Carbone calls Leha manish. They then bet on how Lori-Ann and Leha will place. Real pillars of support! Vanassa bets a stay at her husband’s resort and Susanna bets free jewelry from her business. 

Game of Crowns

Leha announces that if she could just lose 70lbs, she knows she could win. This made me sad. Clearly she’s battling some body-image issues here. In no way does Leha need to lose weight. 

First up, the costume competition. Both Leha and Lori-Ann look amazing in their costumes. Leha is dressed in a VERY patriotic outfit while Lori-Ann wears the Native American costume offered to her by Vanassa. 

Game of Crowns

Surprise! Florence Henderson! Hey! She announces the winners, and sadly our ladies don’t win. Leha makes it to the semi-finals, but unfortunately Lori-Ann does not. We go straight into the Evening Gown Competition. I’m really rooting for Leha to win, but sadly it isn’t meant to be. She doesn’t make it into the finals which means that Shelley wins the bet. 

Game of Crowns

The women start cheering and Leha’s husband, Nick, thinks they’re happy because Leha lost, which they totally are. He confronts them, demanding to know what they’re laughing about. It quickly gets out of hand. Lynne actually worries that Nick is going to shoot them. Susanna and Nick start arguing. Susana threatens to get her husband involved and Nick’s father asks how she’d like it if her husband were dead. I’m guessing she wouldn’t. Who says that? 

Game of Crowns

The ladies, minus Shelley, flee backstage where Nick isn’t allowed. For those wondering, Mrs. Texas is crowned Mrs. America 2014. Leha and Lori-Ann meet up with their husbands. Nick has informed them of what took place during the competition. In another room, Susanna is sure Nick is abusive, but admits she has absolutely no facts to back up such a statement. 

At Susanna’s “jewelrybusiness, Shelley and Vanassa have arrived so that Shelley can claim her winnings. If you’re interested, I’m sure you could find these products lining the shelves of your local Family Dollar store. They decide on having a sit down dinner with all six ladies so they can discuss what happened at the Mrs. America pageant.

The women gather at Shelley’s restaurant. Shelley wants Leha to understand she wasn’t happy that Leha lost, she was just happy she won because she bet that Leha would lose, but it’s totally not personal! Leha arrives and everyone can now get down to what happened at the competition. Vanassa starts by saying that the bets against Leha and Lori-Ann weren’t personal. Have fun with that logic. Leha isn’t offended by the bets, just disappointed that her “friends” didn’t have her back and firmly stands by her man. 

Game of Crowns

Susanna, fresh from Bullsh*t Mountain, chimes in and says that Nick threatened to kill Lynne, which of course he didn’t. Lynne goes along with Susanna, but none of the other ladies believe them. Vanassa and Shelley both say in their interviews that it’s a lie. Leha doesn’t believe it for a second either and rationally makes the argument that her husband is a cop. He knows better than to go around making death threats. 

Game of Crowns

Now Leha’s phone starts blowing up and she tries to say it’s the babysitter. No one believes her as they all know it’s just Nick. Leah leaves the dinner and sure enough, husband Nick is outside waiting for her. The episode ends with Susanna lying about Nick almost hitting Leha with his car. She does realize that this is taped, right?

Game of Crowns

That’s it for this week. Let me know what you thought! Whose side are you on? Did Nick go too far or was he just being a protective husband? 

Until next time, Crowners (I’m making this a thing) – Jamie


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  • RealitytvJunkie

    Thank you for this recap.

    This show fascinates me. As mentioned in the blog, this is the adult Toddlers and Tiara’s but the kids behave better than the adult version. These women kill me. They spend all their husband’s money to compete in pageants that seemingly serve no purpose besides self-admiration. Their attitudes remind me of Jersey Shore. And for the record, Leha’s cop hubby does seem to have anger management issues.

    • Birdie11

      These women are nuts…I can’t believe they blow so much money on such nonsense!! WHY were two of them wearing pageant wear to dinner??? LOLOLOL!

    • Well said! It’s one big self admiration society (not even mutual – clearly). And so incredibly catty!

  • TartLemon

    Yes, IMO, he was wrong. I would have been 100% on the ladies side, except for the lies a few of them told.

    • RealitytvJunkie

      YES! They way he yelled at them for laughing was absurd. As if they need permission from him on what they can and can’t do. The ladies lying is where they fell short.

  • TopGear

    Vanassa demanding an apology while applying lip gloss was a diva move and hella funny. This show can’t be real. Although I did hear Leha’s hubby got into a scuffle with another husband at a red carpet affair.

  • pasteeler

    When Susanna lied about Nick threatening to kill Lynne, why didn’t any of the clueless women speak up at the dinner table, at the time of the false accusation? They denied hearing Nick threaten Lynne on their talking heads but kept cowardly silent at the dinner., why?

    • Good question. I think the other ladies were stunned by the accusation. They collectively had an agenda and the Susanna took it someplace else. It was crazy.

  • Birdie11

    I am with RealityJunkie…this show is fascinating. I am completely gob smacked (Ladies of London tonite!) that there is this freaky pageant culture going on with seemingly grown up women!! To be fair, I’ve always thought pageants were dumb…but WOW…these women take the cake! Lori Ann is the only one who injects some sanity….and sorry everyone…but aren’t beauty contestants supposed to be attractive?? I did see a few in the contest last night…I guess they didn’t meet Bravo’s train wreck standards.

    • LMAO @ “freaky pageant culture” The American Indian lady scares me. What’s up with her lips?

      • Birdie11

        And her eyeliner?? Woof…she is rough on the eyes.

        • yeaaaah!!!! And she paid to look like that? LMAO!

  • Bonita Gee

    I really can’t stand Vanessa. I don’t understand that she DEMANDED an apology from Susanna when she was just as WRONG for checking her about a DAMN JUMPSUIT!! ……. AND talked about her twitching eye, but didn’t apologize for that. ……. Susanna DID NOT owe her anything!!

    Instead of her lopsided breast she should have said something about her FROZEN MASK-LIKE FACE!

  • Guest

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