Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Recap: ‘The Devil is in the Details’ [Episode 2]

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s

Miss Robbie is still riding high on cloud nine regarding opening a franchise in Memphis.  She says, “The devil is in the details and there are a lot of devils in opening up a restaurant.” Speak, Miss Robbie, speak.

It’s a miracle, a rare occasion, a near once in lifetime experience…Michelle flashes a grin! What brought this on, you ask?  Why, cousin Charles did. Michelle is busy in the kitchen preparing the chicken when Charles walks in and she is just ecstatic to see him.  Uh-oh. Still smarting over Tim hiring an “outsider” to be in charge of the family business, she quickly unloads her feelings about Ma’ri onto Charles. When Charles shares his enthusiasm about moving and working in Memphis, Michelle reminds him of how lazy he is. Welcome back, Michelle!

Tim and Miss Robbie journey on back to Memphis and she is no silent passenger, honey. There were non-stop remarks, chastisements and questions from “are we going the right way?” to “I’m hungry, do you have any snacks?”  If Tim wasn’t mumbling “are we there yet?” I certainly was.  Gotta love her. Miss Robbie is extremely happy about arriving at her new Sweetie Pie’s location in Memphis. I’m not exactly sure if she waited until Tim parked the vehicle before jumping out and dancing in the street.  But watching Tim and Miss Robbie try to figure out how to turn that fix-it kitchen into an operational kitchen was almost depressing.  To say a lot of work needs to be done is a gross understatement.

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This week, Jenae and Monique hang out at the gym getting their fit and fabulous on.  Jenae tells Monique about her recent encounter with Tim and how he picked a fight after she politely asked when will he be retrieving his things from her house.  I’m sorry.  Are we talking about the same encounter here?  Last week’s tete-a-tete?  Perhaps I missed the part where he tried to start an argument.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's

Back at the Mangrove, more than food and flavor is getting served up. Danielle points out to Ma’ri that she has a (rude) dismissive attitude.  So what does Ma’ri do?  She dismisses it.  Michelle gets in on the finger pointing too by stressing, AGAIN, that Ma’ri will not be the boss of her…period.  Geez!  We get it.  Raise your hands if any of you have ever picked your own boss?  The two employees also made it clear that they are not fans of Ma’ri’s facial expressions.  You’ve seen them:  eye rolling, lip pouting, etc.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's

Tim has another (proven) idea wherein he and Miss Robbie visit a local culinary school to check out possible cooks for the restaurant. Miss Robbie challenges three chefs to prepare her style of mac-n-cheese.  The winner becomes part of Sweetie Pie’s staff.  Well, lo and behold, all three chefs passed with flying colors or should I say great mac-n-cheese. So she hires them all.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's

Tim drops by Jenae’s house to discuss TJ’s schooling, a topic they approach differently. However, it doesn’t take long for the conversation to switch to Tim getting his stuff out of the house. Well, this is another week Tim and you said you would have your things out within the week.  Jenae also finds a way to interject the fact that Tim will be living in Memphis while his son will be living in St. Louis. “Have you thought about that, Tim?” she asked.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's

Clearly, Jenae has thought about it…over and over again.

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