Exclusive Interview: Kathy Wakile

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Kathy Wakile

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Kathy WakileKathy has developed her hobby of baking delicious deserts into a career as a domestic goddess. Juggling home, career, and family she manages to find time to be involved in raising brain tumor awareness, a cause close to her heart. Kathy’s dessert line called “Dolci della Dea” — Goddess Sweets — launched its debut product, the Cannoli Kit on QVC and her new cookbook “Indulge” is complete and ready for pre-sale. Enjoy the interview below:


1. How do you feel about your new status of “co-star instead of star” on season 6?

Kathy: To be honest, I’ve never been fond of titles. This role has worked out wonderfully for me, it’s allowed me to devote the time required to write my cookbook, “Indulge,” which was very time consuming. Every recipe has a personal meaning to me, I was involved every step of it’s creation. It was a labor of love, one that I am  proud of now that the pub date is almost here! This opportunity allowed me the free time to focus on my recipes and the development of my desert line. I put my heart and soul into my cookbook. My deserts are small but indulgent. I didn’t cut calories but I cut the size. Portion control is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation and not depriving yourself.


2. Will you be interacting with the newbies a lot during season 6?

Kathy: I’ve been able to get to know the new girls while remaining free to focus on the expansion of my businesses.


3. You attended Lauren Manzo’s engagement party and you looked really close to Caroline and Jacqueline. Will you be shown on “Manzo’d With Children?”

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Kathy: Yes – I am friends with them. I’ve built solid relationships with Caroline and Jacqueline both in and outside of the show. When their families have events, I’m invited and vice versa. We formed a bond aside from the show and I grew close to them. I have not not filmed with them yet [on their new show].


4. When will your house be finished? Is Kevin Jonas one of the building contractors himself? Will the house include a commercial test kitchen?   ​

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 3.38.20 PM

Kathy: It’s contracted to finish by Christmas but as with typical builds it may take longer, which is to be expected.  I’m in no rush to finish by Christmas but it is a project that we as a family are enjoying so no urgency but if it does get finished, what a holiday present!  Kevin Jonas is hands on and his company, Jonas Werner Homes has built numerous homes along with his partner Bill Werner and we are thrilled to be working with them. Their expertise is a great asset. My kitchen in my new home is amazing — it is a place where I am most of the time and have created an open floor plan where all roads lead to the kitchen…I can test my home made items and make family meals– my kitchen as most homes is the Hub of the household. The Heart. The industrial-esque appliances are incorporated but I prefer to keep my home kitchen for my own personal use and entertaining for my family and close friends which are my best testers.


5. My condolences on the unexpected passing of your uncle, Frank Giudice. Did you and your family attend the funeral?

Kathy: Thank you, I appreciate that. For clarification, I’m cousins with Teresa on the Gorga side. Frank is on Joe’s [Giudice] side. Our families have known one another since I was a child. Yes, my family and I attended the funeral.


6. Where is Joseph going to college? And will he continue to live at home?

Kathy: Joseph will attend college in state, locally, and will live at home. Rich wanted to build a new home a while back but I wanted to wait until the kids were ready for college and wouldn’t have to switch schools and uproot their lives. So now that Joseph is done with High School and both kids are in college, it was the perfect time for our family.


7. How is your beautiful daughter, Victoria’s​ recovery coming along?


Kathy: Thank you–she’s recovering great and bounced back well. She’s in nursing school and taking summer classes to stay updated. I agreed to discuss her brain tumor [during season 4] to help raise awareness for other people suffering with the condition. I wanted to show people it’s treatable through good doctors, proper diagnosis, the right treatment, and family support.


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