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Have Reality Shows Gone Too Far? Do The Kids Come First?


Last Sunday was the premiere of “The Housewives of New Jersey” and all day long the excitement was building as many, including myself, couldn’t wait to catch up on seeing some of our favs on the big screen again.  I was totally glued to the television and loved everything I was seeing until it got to the part where Gia was crying her little eyes out about what was taking place in her family. 


I felt so bad for Gia, to the point of tears but I was LIVID at her parents for putting her through that mess! Not only did her parents, Joe & Teresa Guidice, make selfish decisions that would possibly take them away from their children, they filmed their daughter broken, anxious and worried!



Yes, this is reality TV but when does it become too much? People keep saying “Oh poor Joe and Teresa.” Really? Were they poor Joe and Teresa when they committed fraud? Were they poor Joe and Teresa when they were buying Versace plates? Were they poor Joe and Teresa when they cheated on their taxes? 

Teresa Giudice

RHONJInside Teresa’s lavish home

Parents must start thinking more about their children than themselves. And that goes for more than just Joe and Teresa. Look at Apollo. Seriously? Because of his greed, he has to be away from his boys for 8 long years! And I’m livid that people are saying he is only human! Give me that tale the first time and I MIGHT have given him a break but to commit the SAME crime??? #Boygone


At the end of the day, every decision that we make as parents will and does affect our children, good and bad. When that child comes out of their mother’s womb, her and that father’s job is to love, protect and nurture that child.  From that point on, every decision made should be in the best interest of the child. 

Teresa, Joe, Apollo and HELL Phaedra too, failed their children. That’s right I said FAILED! They are NO different from the woman on the block who got arrested for robbery. Being famous does not give you an exemption. Do the crime, do the time! #FACT

I’m not saying that we as parents are perfect. No way is that even possible. I’m just saying that as a parent, the child must come first. 

Joe, Teresa, Apollo AND Phaedra put themselves first, if not, NONE of them would be leaving their children. And don’t tell me, “Oh Letrice, Phaedra is innocent.” Yeah right! Believe what you want, chile. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, It’s a DUCK!… #gotothenextpage

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