Married to Medicine Recap: Reunion Part 2 [Conclusion]

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We jump into part two of the “Married to Medicine” reunion with the ladies returning back to the shady grove set. The tension is felt immediately from the explosive argument backstage with Toya and Dr. SimoneAndy feels the tension as well, and asks what happened between the ladies during the break? Dr. Simone gives her side of the truth, “Toya got offended to the point where she felt like she needed to charge me, to try to fight me.” Toya responds, “No, I asked Jackie did she know my phone number, that part was true, and then she said if you thinks she’s your friend she’s not.” These two go back and forth, then Jackie gives a very accurate version of what we all saw last week. Dr. Simone makes it clear, “Moving forward, I will not be involved or filming with anyone that lunges at me dear!”


In the next scene we move on to the individual marriages of our leading ladies. Every single marriage has a different dynamic, and one thing remains clear, all these marriages take work to continue to succeed. Andy introduces Dr. Greg, Dr. Eugene, and Dr. Darren, with no reason where the other husbands are. As Andy discusses a varied of the season’s topics, from babies to friendships, the conversation calms considerably. Shockingly Andy does bring up the $50,000.00 deposit loss of Toya and Eugene, on a house they wanted to purchase. The financing apparently was not done in the contracted time of 30 days, hence the reason they loss their deposit. Dr. Eugene claims that, “Our contract was for 30 days, in that first 30 days, there was a government shutdown, it’s very confusing.” Andy inquires about their current house, and why they rented such an expensive house to the rumored amount of $12,000.00 a month.  The couple denies that amount but says it is expensive. Dr. Simone jumps in to make a point that the information is all public record. Hint Hint! I noticed that whenever this statement is used, it usually means there is more to the story.

M2M Reunion

Lisa Nicole gets the next blood transfusion, when asked about her husband cheating not one time, not two times, but three times during their on and off again relationship. Dr. Darren kind of hangs his head, and tries to defend his character, and his thoughts on cheating. Then out of nowhere the camera keeps catching Dr. Simone starting to cry and wipe away her tears. A few seconds later, she whispers to Andy that she needed a break, and needed to leave. Andy doesn’t even give it a thought and says ok with a head nod. Clearly Dr. Simone is not over her argument with Toya. Dr. Jackie follows her, concerned for her friend to make sure she is ok. Backstage, Dr. Heavenly says that Dr. Simone is crazy, to which Lisa Nicole defends her saying that she is just emotional. Dr. Simone rejoins the group at the table, and tells Andy that she had a breakdown followed by giggles. Toya asks to share, and starts off really well and sensitive to the fact Dr. Simone is a mother and it happened in front of her son. Then two seconds later, it turns nasty, after both women accuse each other of not caring about the child in the room. Personally to avoid all of this, maybe bringing her son wasn’t the best idea in the world considering what could potentially go down. 


As Andy, sips his tea, we discuss a major subject from this season, the banishment of Queen Mariah. As the clips are shown of the majesty losing loyal subjects one after another, Mariah gets jab after jab, she responds, “I just could not believe, for the life of me, that these women would make a decision that big, based on hearsay.” Then Andy brings up one of the Mariah’s blogs on Lisa Nicole. Mariah doesn’t understand all the anger from Lisa Nicole since they’ve never had a negative encounter. Lisa Nicole snaps at Mariah, saying, “I don’t dislike you, but you play every last woman at this table like a pawn.” From rose petals, to tardiness, to breaking a picture in her home, Lisa Nicole goes into full battle with Mariah. Mariah fights back, defending herself, and asks why Lisa Nicole only has an opinion about Mariah. Me too? Andy says Mariah did slam her in her blog calling her, “the new boring girl.” Mariah responds that it is funny that Dr. Heavenly can say anything she wants to anyone at the table. Mariah, finally after an almost gang up on her, says that Lisa Nicole is a “Lisa Wu Knock-off!” Ouch! Lisa clearly doesn’t like this comment as her really poorly done makeup, turns blood red. 


Next we go into the issue of Dr. Simone trying to mend the Quad and Mariah friendship. Quad thinks Dr. Simone rides the fence. Quad says she respects that Dr. Simone doesn’t want to film with Toya, and she won’t bring it up. But her real issue is, all season Dr. Simone wouldn’t give her the same respect in regards to Mariah. Dr. Jackie breaks it down for everyone saying, “She was being a bad little kid who had two divorced parents, and she had two people she thought we good friends, –“sometimes bad kids do sneaky, crazy things to try to get their parents back together.” Nicely done. I must say, Dr. Jackie sums up Dr. Simone’s  defense of Mariah all season long. 


As Andy wraps up with the ladies, Mariah admits she misses her friendship with Quad. This brings Quad to tears, and  you can see they still have love for each other underneath all the anger. Quad claims she is, “tired and sick of it.” Andy asks as we look into to the rear view mirror, what have they learned  about friendship? Dr. Heavenly says that she can see good in every single one of the ladies. Dr. Jackie says sometimes friendships are like cycles, some for a lifetime, some come for a season, and meet a need and it ends.  

Married to Medicine

As this season wraps, we are left with good and bad emotions with a shimmer of hope between the former BFF’s. Who knows what could happen next season?  In the end we learn friendships can evolve and can disintegrate right in front of our very eyes. Lets see what drama makes or breaks next season.

The shade of the reunion is Reco Chapple was suppose to appear and was left on the cutting room floor. He was suppose to join the ladies and address his ridiculous beef with Mariah. Hahaha!


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