Blind Item: Filing for Divorce

Posted on Jul 18 2014 - 3:18pm by Editor


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She will be filing for divorce in the next few weeks.

This reality star knew that her husband was of questionable moral character even before they married. However, she was willing to overlook that because she really wanted to have a husband and child/ren. She got what she wanted, but the husband is making her look bad now, so she is now cutting him loose. So why is she still making public proclamations of support for him and their marriage while plotting behind his back? She wants to look like the “innocent” and “good” person when this is all over.

Reality Star:

Her Husband:


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  • Virgo (say_no_go)

    Phaedra…still want to brag about your husssband…Didn’t think so…

  • SDC

    As if Phaedra is so innocent. Puh-lease. They both deserve each other.

  • Trippinhhard

    She’s smiling at the divorce attorney — close that lie gap —you should be looking over your shoulder. Someone is watching you also

  • Phony Phae Phae and Con Man Apollo

    • Ahahahaha @ con man!

      • equinox2009

        I can’t that radio stations, mags and web sites are even allowing this unrepentant THUG to speak. His favorite line is “at the end of the day my FANS support me” He displays an arrogance that boils my blood! Time for him to just go away. Feel bad more children will be living without a father in their life. Aiden is a smart little boy and will know what a criminal his father is and will always be!

  • WestCoastFeed

    Phaedra, when are you giving your deposition in your suit against Angela Stanton? Before or after you divorce Apollo?

    • Oh Snap!!!!! Inquiring minds want to know.

  • italiano bambino

    The cleanest man ALIVE!!!!!

  • TaudryHepburn

    What does “/ren” mean?

    • TaudryHepburn

      Oh wait, I got it now – child-ren (plural)

  • Missy Michelle

    I can’t stand Phaedra! I’ll feel more pleasure seeing her conniving, devious ass go down rather than Apollo. She’s the evil one there. Sociopathic, if not psycopathic mind! No conscience, remorse, empathy for anyone…’s solely about her! In fact, she doesn’t even seem like a loving mother…..just for the cameras! I can see those children probably getting on her nerve and her pawning them off to a nanny or her mother once off camera. They’r just a convenient inconvenience for her. Observe her and feel her…’ll get a chill up your spine! Ice running thru her veins, that’s it! Jmo

    • Marsbars09

      Great commentary Missy! One poster stated Fake doesn’t like kids, so maybe she had them to add to her “appearances” package.

      • Missy Michelle

        Mars, I’m tellin ya, I have always felt that in my gut. She doesn’t give off mom vibes. The children were just part of her strategy of her master plan. Logistics. Honestly, they’re better off without having two con artists as parents. It’s a blessing in disguise that they’re still 3 and under and still have a chance in life to be raised by a decent family member, and have positive examples and influences. I just hope there is a decent family member…..hmmm, not sure about that! But in any case, I pray that they’re raised with honesty, integrity and in Gods light, even if it has to be a different family. Jmo

        • Marsbars09

          You know, I never even paid attention as to whether Fake had a maternal instinct because she is so phony.

      • That is something I’ve never heard but fits Phaedra’s character to a tee.

    • This is an excellent assessment.

  • Marsbars09

    Mmmm Hmmm. I wonder who that could be…
    I don’t care how much this woman spouts that she is a holier than thou Christian woman. I’ve seen through this lowlife tramp’s act for a while now. I believe she is just as dirty, crooked and lowdown as her thug husband. It will only be a matter of time before the law catches up with her.

    • Summer

      AMEN i truly hope she also pays for her part in the crimes.

      I heard that the feds are keeping an eye on her & trying to accumulated any evidence that she had a part in the crimes Apollo committed, I truly hope her fake fat ass does up in jail.

      She calls herself a Christian Hah my ass she is

      • Marsbars09

        I’ve heard the Secret Service are doing their own investigation of Fake. I think she’ll be indicted on something before the year is over.

  • Bryan

    Pickle Love!

    • Birdie11

      OMG don’t remind me!!

    • Ewwww….foreshadowing for prison life.

      • Babson_Chick

        now that is wicked funny – Hi there Doc – I’m back (this has been a warning)

  • BaybeK8s

    What happened to the “clean man” Phaedra wanted?

    • Trippinhhard

      She meant looking clean —he was fresh out of the pen. lol
      So everyone was laughing at her, not with her. The irony of her own words.
      Peter/Cynthia facial features were a LOL moment—thinking like—I know that gap tooth bitch didn’t really say that ..
      Now who laughing at her clean man.

  • WestCoastFeed

    OT: Take a gander at the revised guest list for WWHL this week, starting with the Sunday night change. Teresa is being replaced by Kathy & Rosie

    • WestCoastFeed

      And now Kathy has tweeted that she and Rosie will be there.

      Hah, Teresa has chickened out.

      • Trippinhhard

        Now you know WCF—once Teresa thinks she’s being attacked—she’s angry and she can’t go on any show now, and LIE—she can’t take the heat.
        keep u the good research.

        • WestCoastFeed

          Yes, you’re right. There should be a statement from Teresa’s camp soon saying that “upon legal advice” she needed to cancel her appearance.

          • Trippinhhard

            If it’s a PAID event—she would do it for the “MONEY”
            but no money—she’s not having that. Boy now she has 1oz of what, the folks she cheated feels like. She the worst type of human being.
            All about herself and herself alone.

    • Saturday Funnies — They Told Me I Couldn’t Swear, I Told Them “F” Youses //

  • Trippinhhard

    now that just ruined my day. LOL
    but I’m serious —-that blog every week is hilarious and the comments are so funny.

  • Babson_Chick

    Leann & Eddie!! Now that would be some news (j/k as it’s Phae & her pickle man for sure)

  • Reality LuLu

    Obviously Phaedra. ?

  • Summer

    It’s Def phaedra she wants 2 play Im the supportive wife roll but i can’t put my boys through this & we all know Vic phaedra is all bout appearance.

    I just hope Apollo rats her out why should she get away with her crimes & walk a free life nope IMO she should pay for her crimes like everyone else.

    If i were Apollo id be so pissed i would rat on her