RHONJ News: The Gorga’s Tenant Not Evicted Today, Allowed to Stay Another 17 Days At The Cost of $25,000

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According to court documents, Joe and Melissa Gorga will be moving back to Montville!

Yes, you read that right. The stars of the Real Housewives of New Jersey were back in court today and informed the court they want to return to their Montville, New Jersey McMansion.

If you been keeping up with the war between the Gorga’s and their tenant/squatter from hell, Kai Patterson then you know the Gorga’s claims they rented Kai Patterson their Montville, NJ home for $20,ooo a month in a rent-to-buy arrangement for the $3.8 million purchase price. Their tenant is currently 4 months in arrears. According to court docs, his rent check bounced in April, then he failed to pay in May and June, and today being the first of the month .

On the counter, Kai Patterson claims, the Gorga’s mansion is in shambles requiring a ton of repairs which he covered out of pocket. He also claims he paid a $4,416 water bill for them. Patterson claims he’s only suppose to pay $10,oooo a month, and he has documentation to back that up.

Now today, the feuding parties had their another showdown in court and the judge ruled with Melissa and Joe this time. Judge Thomas Manahan contended, the Gorga’s can not evict their tenant immediately. Kai Patterson will be permitted to remain in the residence for the next 17 days BUT he must pay the couple $25,000. The Gorga’s were trying to evict Patterson ASAP on the grounds of non-payment of rent but the judge denied that request.


This is a bit puzzling to me since I know for a fact Melissa and Joe have purchased a plot of land in Franklin Lakes and are in the process of having engineering plans approved by the Borough of Franklin Lakes Construction department. If they are in the process of building their dream home in Franklin Lakes, why would they want to move back to Montville? Color me confuddled.

The couple’s new address in Franklin Lakes will be: 101 Jasmine Court, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Here are a few photos of their new plot of land in Franklin Lakes:


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The Gorgas’ attorney, Frank Catania, stated in court that Mr. Patterson owes the reality couple $185,000. The Gorga’s attorney offered to allow Patterson stay in the house for 17 more days if he could post $50,000. He said the $25,000 Patterson offered and the judge approved was a “small amount” compared to what he owes.

After 17 days have passed, Melissa and Joe’s attorney promises, Patterson will be “evicted from the house.”

Something tells me this ain’t over! I have a strong feeling after the 17 days pass, Mr. Patterson’s attorney’s will file another motion to extend his stay at Chateau Gorga.


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