Locked Up: Apollo Nida Ordered to Pay $2M Restitution For Bank Fraud Scam

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Star of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Apollo Nida will start serving his 8-year prison sentence in upcoming weeks. In the meanwhile, he has been ordered to pay nearly $2 million in restitution, for his bank and identity fraud conviction.

Based on the court document, Apollo has to pay a whopping $1,948.214.85. The restitution is “due and payable immediately,” according to court documents.

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How is Apollo suppose to pay this money when he’s essentially broke, unemployed and heading to the slammer?

Below is an excerpt from the court document:

Based on the consent motion of the parties and the court’s review of the record in this matter, the court directs defendant Apollo E. Nida to pay restitution to the Clerk of Court I the total amount of $1,948.214.85. This amount is due and payable immediately. Restitution is payable jointly and severally with the restitution order to be entered in United States v. Gayla O’Neal St. Julien, l:13-CR-00403-CAP.

Below is a complete summary of Apollo’s victims that he must pay back:

Apollo Nida Restitution Order - Watermark Apollo Nida Restitution Order 2 - Watermark Apollo Nida Restitution Order 3 - Watermark
Apollo is broke and just lost one of his properties due to foreclosure through a tax lien. His wife, Phaedra Parks, and him are allegedly separated and likely heading to divorce once he starts serving his prison sentence.

The new season of the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” started filming in June. Cameras were rolling before and after Apollo’s sentencing so he will be featured on season 7 of the RHOA.


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