The Real Tea: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Fight Exposed – Drugs, Sex and Videotape

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Things are falling apart with the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Old friendships are broken and weaves needed to be retightened.

As we first reported yesterday, the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” are in New York City filming the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Reunion. Sources tell us, co-stars Althea Hart (fiancee to Benzino) and Joseline Hernandez got into a major brawl. We’re told EXCLUSIVELY the women get into a heated argument over Althea aka Thi Thi and Stevie J’s prior sexual encounters. Joseline was not pleased over this fact. Stevie J continues to deny he ever had sexual relations with Thi Thi, however Miss Althea admitted they did on the show. Our inside source says, Joseline reads Thi Thi for filth.

The argument turned to blows when the women stood up and charged each other. We’re told the fight was so bad, production came to a complete halt and filming was stopped for the day. The entire cast was dismissed and sent to their hotel rooms.

Meanwhile, other reports suggest the fight started when Benzino accused Stevie J and Joseline of being crackheads. Actually many of Stevie J’s co-stars have been on Twitter making all kinds of subliminal references to Joseline and Stevie J’s drug use. After Benzino made his “crackhead” claims, Stevie J charged Benzino’s and after security subdued  Stevie and Benzino, Joseline attacked Althea.

Check out new video footage of the melee:


Filming resumed today, July 16 and the cast will be interviewed separately with no audience as a security measure.

The former best friends feuding stems from, Stevie J and Benzino fighting on social media within the past couple of days. Airing each other’s dirty laundry.

  • Stevie J’s posted a nude photo of Althea Heart (Benzino’s fiancé) in a tub that captioned, “Lettuce anyone?” Meaning wrap his p*nis in lettuce like a lettuce wrap
  • Benzino responded by making a series of tweets claiming Joseline Hernandez cheated on Stevie J with his Stevie’s driver.
  • Benzino tweet claimed Stevie J’s dad caught Joseline in a sexual act with the couple’s driver and that Stevie J balled his eyes out over it.
  • Benzino and many of his LHHATL co-stars have been accusing Stevie J and Joseline of being addicted to drugs, particularly cocaine.

Allegedly, Joseline is pregnant for another man and Stevie J broke up with her over it but later posted a video showing a united front with Joseline.

A video recently surfaced which seems to substantiate Benzino’s claims of Joseline and Stevie J’s drug use. The video is shocking footage of Joseline in the studio rapping is seen freestyle rapping while visibly high on something. Joseline is slurring her words and clearly not in her right state of mind.  Have a look:


The “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion is scheduled to air on July 21 on VH1 at 8:00 PM EST.


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  • JustLetrice

    Sad that Joseline is in that video like that and sad that Stevie and Benzino allowed themselves to get like this. The reality TV curse strikes again

    • RonnieIsBack

      Waht gets me is how in the hell did Stebbie get a photo of Benzo;s girl giving him …..
      Dirty of Benzo if he forwarded it to Stebbie in the first place..None of those chumps on the show respect women…

      • no one has any respect. men do not respect women and the women do not respect themselves. the women just accept they are a piece of meat being sold

      • equinox2009

        AND WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE WOMEN ALLOWING THEMSELVES TO BE USED THIS WAY! Have some respect for yourselves Even allowing these thugs and hoods allowed to refer to these women as HOES burns my a$s! R E S P E C T

    • Hey Letrice! Hope you’re well doll.

      True dat.

  • MorningYawn

    I don’t know who any of these people are but I love sex, drugs and videotapes being exposed!!!!!!

    • Me too but it sure is sensational! How are you MY?

      • MorningYawn

        I’m good, lady. How ru?

  • Marsbars09

    Steebie looks like sh*t!

    • That video with Joseline is scary.

  • RonnieIsBack

    LOL the chit is hitting the fan for realz.
    If I was Thi Thi, instead of getting mad at Jose for reading her for filth, I would have just said Bish what did you say, you speaka no cotdamn English and I need my Rosetta Stone to understand your bum azz.” Jose has horrible diction on purpose…gutterrat.
    I believe they are on something..they fight dirty..the fact that Jose attacked Thi Thi when no one was looking was a cheap shot..I do hope the rumors are true that Thhi thie beat the brakes off shim…always taking chit.
    I am sure Erica and nem had the side look of the Snuggles Bear like WTF?

    • Bwahaha!!

      Apparently, Jose was so geeked up she was not trying to listen to anything she had roid rage and wanted to fight. I also heard the same with Steebie. He had that drugged up rage and managed to break free from many security guards. They made it sound like he had superficial strength. Drugs are bad m’kay! Poor Jose, Steebie turned her into a crackhead like him. So sad.

  • RonnieIsBack

    I will post this uptop…riddle me this:
    How in the hell did Stebbie get the pictures of Thi Thi about to slob Zino’s knob and serving him naked breakfast?
    That is a bitch move on Zino’s part if he sent it to Stebbie in the first place while they were cool..Disrespectful Azz.

    See that is why I never ever send nastygrams to my man (that show my face heheheh) and any videos we make having fun I delete immediatley and I always use my own camera..won’t be embarassing me should we ever break up..#InsuranceMyAzz

    • in the video….we are looking at a sad young women being pimped out and she does not even know it……she hides behind a tough beat down act when in fact she is a scared little kitten. completely ignorant.

      • yessssss! well said.

      • LoLo

        Perfectly said. He has a pimp mentality & always uses the line “he made her” or “she’s nothing without him”. Always followed by an “I love you”. It’s sad that some women think men like that care about them when all they are really doing is take their money & their hearts.

    • “That is a bitch move on Zino’s part if he sent it to Stebbie in the first place while they were cool..Disrespectful Azz.”<—Yes, and that's exactly what Zino did.

      • kirklandmomma

        They’re just old skool B-boys that never grew up.

        • uh huh! Ya got that right. A bunch of gutter rat B-boys.

  • kirklandmomma

    Hey Doc,
    Just call it Love & Hood Rat ATL. Sad!

    • OMG!!!! Kirkland Momma is that really you? I missed you so much on Twit. Why ya leave honey 🙁

      I love the name “Love & Hood Rat ATL”<—–OMG, they are so ratchet!

      • kirklandmomma

        I think these chick embarrass hood rats

  • kirklandmomma

    Too much going on IRL. And too much bashing one celebrity. It was getting old.

  • LoLo

    I would almost bet that the beef with Stevie & Benzino is made up. They know that there is one sure way to keep the ratings, the interviews, the appearances coming…drama. They probably sit & plan each move out. Just because it’s realty tv doesn’t mean it’s anything close to real.

    As far as the Joseline rapping video. Damn, she looks awful. Nothing like the Puerto Rican/Bad Bitch we see in lingerie or silk robes. If I didn’t know it was her, I would think she was a drug addict on the street.

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