[Photos] Real Housewives of New Jersey Host Premiere Party For “Charity”

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If the fans who popped out $100 to party with Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo, Melissa Gorga and newbie Amber Marchese at last night’s premiere party at Pure Parsippany were hoping for some one-on-one time with the stars, they were sadly mistaken.

According to NJ.com the stars of the show sat behind a VIP section most of the night. Occasionally Dina came out to pose for photos and say hello. After all proceeds of the event went to “Project Ladybug” a charity that provides emotional and financial support to children suffering from devastating illnesses.


One fan referred to Dina as “the most sweetest person ever.” According to the report the majority of fans were content just observing the stars talking amongst themselves and drinking instead of watching the premier on television.

Joe Giudice, Joe Gorga and Jim Marchese were also there to support their wives.


A couple who refused to give their names (who can blame them) said they were there because she watches the show for the closets! Her husband said he was having the time of his life but not before rolling his eyes.

The cast did eventually come out to mingle towards the end of the show except for Teresa. A few fans were able to get to the VIP section and take photos with her. They deemed her “very sweet.”


RHONJ Premiere Party

One partygoer said her husband gave her tickets as a gift but he would not attend. So she brought along her sister-in-law. They enjoy the show because of “all the emotions” and said that it “looks very real.”


RHONJ Premiere Party

RHONJ Premiere Party


There has been no mention as to how much money was raised for Project Ladybug. 

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