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Ladies of London Recap: Noelle Plays Both Sides [Episode 7]

Ladies of London

We begin this week of “Ladies of London” by checking on the status of Annabelle’s injuries. She is confined to bed rest for the next 4 weeks. Caroline arrives with awesome gifts—American movies and a flat screen television. With Caroline’s assistance, Annabelle uses her crutches to move to a chair. Say what you want about Annabelle, but most women in reality tv would have asked for a make-up artist and stylist after something like this, and who would blame them. Annabelle is sans makeup, in a tee, ready to hand out sage advice. She wants Caroline to take the high road. Caroline tells Annabelle about the other party for Caprice’s baby shower. Annabelle explains that this is about Caprice’s hurt feelings over being left out. Privately, Annabelle says this is a “queen-bee power-struggle.” Caroline is not sure she can take the high road…and that is why we like Caroline. Her honesty. 

Ladies of London

We join Caprice with her boyfriend/baby-daddy, Ty. She is very distressed. The agency just called to tell her that her surrogate is dilating. Ty is the picture of calm. He tells her, this is normal, and I wonder how he knows this. What’s that, Ty? You have three other kids? Oh, okay. Proceed. You know what you’re talking about. They decide to take a little time to see what happens first before dashing off to the States.

We are at Caroline’s office with her assistant, going over the guest list for a dinner party. All of the ladies are invited. Even Caprice. Caroline was raised to not ostracize others, no matter how much she wants to. But first we’ll need to see if Caprice will travel that long, long way. Caroline, the little prankster, also discusses with her assistant having an etiquette lesson for only Noelle and Juliet. She says that their behavior at Mapperton was “like watching cave people.” Ouch. That’s harsh to cave people. 

Ladies of London

We are introduced to the instructor, Rosemary, aka the Battleax. Juliet has called to say she’s running late. I’m sure that won’t go unnoticed. With only Noelle there, Ms. Battleax points out all of her mistakes. Noelle sat down too early; had her elbows on the table; couldn’t eat soup properly. And when Juliet arrives, Ms. Ax takes a swing at her, too. She tells Juliet that the reason for the lesson today is to correct the mistakes she made at Mapperton. Juliet is speechless – well played Ms. Battleax, well played.

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Ladies of London

Caprice is very upset about all of the stress she is under and calls Lady Julie who gives sensible, lady-like advice. She recommends that Caprice give something up, because its time for her to be…wait for it…selfish. Caprice agrees and is tranquil again. Actually, the point of this scene was to remind us that Lady Julie is on the show. It’s almost like she’s too nice. But I have hope she’ll be more than a Miss Congeniality in a southern beauty contest. 

Four of the ladies hit the town: Marissa, Caroline, Juliet and Noelle. They arrive at Wellington, the most iconic club in town with very famous people coming and going at all times, except for the night they were there celebrating Marissa’s British citizenship. Noelle explains the details for Caprice’s party and how it will now be both a baby shower and a going away party, without childish games or gift demands. Caroline says she has to work that day—although the actual day hasn’t been mentioned. 

Ladies of London

Caprice is having a photo shoot for her new lingerie line, which is beautiful. It’s the first time she’s not the model, so she’s stressing out. Noelle stops by afterwards to add to her stress to say hi. When Caprice goes through her list of things to do, she suddenly remembers something she can give up: her baby shower/going away party. Noelle says, “Oh, good. Caroline is giving me such a hard time for throwing you a party, this solves that.” Why, Noelle? Why? She tries to back peddle, tells Caprice to stay home, relax, put her feet up, but Caprice is not having it. She drops the B-word and says it’s not fair for Caroline to bully Noelle

Ladies of London

Caroline is at her house, going over details with the chef, butlers, and bartenders for her dinner party. Luke, the make-up artist asks if she’s remembered the barrel of vodka for Noelle. While receiving her make up, Caroline announces which one of her precious twin boys she loves more. 

Ladies of London

Noelle has chosen a gold lamé dress that is not exactly proper for a dinner party in the English countryside comprised of only women. The dress is proper for Las Vegas…if you’re a showgirl. In the car on the way there, a nervous Noelle suggests to Marissa and Juliet that they drink the champagne she has brought as a hostess gift for Caroline. Juliet and Marissa try to warn her, but obviously Ms. Battleax’s etiquette lesson has had the opposite effect. Noelle opens the champagne. 

Ladies of London

After mingling for a bit, everyone is at the dinner table, ready to be served, except for Noelle and Lady Julie. They are still sitting on garden couch, talking. Noelle proclaims that she is yet again caught in the middle. If Noelle says it enough, she’ll actually believe it. During the scrumptious meal, Noelle is called out for whispering in Marissa’s ear. Ms. Ax’s eyes would shoot daggers with this breach. We don’t hear what Noelle is whispering, probably something like, “Once again, I’ve been put in the middle.” 

Caprice is shown getting ready and traveling to Caroline’s house, musing how she will not be confrontational and predicts everyone will play nice. Excuse me while I stop laughing. The sneak-peak for next week is shown, announcing the season’s finale. Tune in next week to see everyone not playing nice.

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