RHONJ News: Twitter & Celebrities Are Outraged By The Airing of The Giudice’s Legal Drama

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Like many viewers, Trehuggers included, fans who watched last night’s premiere of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” were outraged to witness the exploitation of Teresa and Joe Giudice’s children on the show.

Many could not believe Bravo would film yet alone air such intimate private moments. Twitterverse exploded with fans expressing their outrage including famous people.

Below are tweets from some displeased viewers:

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Danielle Staub, former RHONJ is one of the celebrities that took to Twitter with a strong reaction to Bravo airing Teresa and Joe Giudice’s legal drama. 

Danielle tweeted:

I’m appalled [Bravo] ever supported this now 5 seasons of paying them for their criminal behavior … who supports that?

Wendy Williams is another one who is calling out Teresa for exploiting her family’s legal drama.

On her “Hot Topics” segment today, Wendy admonished the delusional reality star for having an adult conversation (regarding her legal woes) in front of her minor child, Gia and calls her “sick.”

Wendy also discussed Teresa’s recent interview where she admitted she can’t and won’t leave reality TV alone. The talk show diva also said, if she [Teresa] has the nerve to put it on TV then we have the nerve to criticize. Agreed!

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