TEA ALERT: Jacqueline Laurita Checks Dina Manzo on Twitter

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It is going down on Twitter! 

Here’s the tea…

A blogger ran a story today regarding an Instagram post made by former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Ashlee Holmes.

Although Ashlee did not state Dina’s name, the Instagram post was allegedly directed at her aunt, Dina Manzo. 

As you know, Dina Manzo is back on the new season of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.Dina supposedly rejoined the cast of the RHONJ once her sister, Caroline Manzo and her sister-in-law, Jacqueline Laurita departed the show.

Caroline left the RHONJ to work on her own spin-off and Jacqueline left because of the negativity. Both plan to appear on Caroline’s spin-off show “Manzo’d With Children.”

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Ashlee’s post was captioned You Keep Using That Word….I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means #zen #rhonj supposedly was in regards to Dina referring to herself as “zen” on the RHONJ season six opener.

Ashlee Holmes

Some may view Ashlee’s post as “shade” but I view it as a logical and astute description of Dina Manzo’s misuse of the word. Dina’s own words and actions come in direct conflict with Webster’s definition of the word.


The word zen as defined means, a Japanese form of Buddhism that emphasizes meditation.

A person that introduces themselves to viewers with verbiage like The b*tch is back and if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass, logically comes in direct conflict with the textbook meaning of the word. Wouldn’t you agree?


The incident unfolded today when Dina “Zen” Manzo insulted her family on Twitter. That prompted Ashlee to respond. Her mom, Jacqueline Laurita, rightfully ticked off, took to Twitter to defend her daughter. 

Read the tweets below:

Dina Manzo's Tweet


Jax tweet 2

Spill the tea Jacqueline, my cup is waiting:

Jax tweet 3


Dina’s daughter, Lexi Hadjiapostoli joined in the fray and tweeted the following, seemingly in response to Ashlee:

Lexi tweet


Jacqueline then stepped up in an attempt to bring resolution by tweeting:

Jax tweet


 Whose side are you on? Does Dina Manzo present herself as “zen?” Sound off in the comments.


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