Exclusive: Twitter Fight Erupts After Reunion Between Dr. Simone and Reco Chapple

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After the explosive “Married to Medicine” Reunion aired last night, a Twitter fight erupted between Dr. Simone Whitmore and fashion designer and pot-stirrer, Reco Chapple. The fearless and always outspoken, Dr. Simone took to her Twitter to weigh in on her fight with co-star, Toya Bush.

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Dr. Simone tweeted the following:
Simone's Tweet


Then out of nowhere Reco Chapple decides to jump on Simone’s timeline to defend Toya?!? Reco responded to Dr. Whitmore’s tweet and all hell broke lose. Read the exchange below:

Reco's Response Tweet

“Bye Felicia!” should have been the final nail in Reco’s coffin but apparently he’s a glutton for punishment and responded with the following weak retort.

Reco's lame response

Just as he did on “Married to Medicine” Reco pulled Mariah Huq into the argument which had nothing to do with her with his reference to her legal name “Lakeisha.” Mariah responded with the following:

Mariah's Response

Reco Chapple strikes me as troubled individual, thirsty for fame like his sidekick Quad. He’s constantly inserting himself in drama and attacking and bashing Mariah was his entire storyline.


Do you think Reco Chapple is thirsty for fame? Sound off in the comments.


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