Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Recap: “Hello Memphis” [Episode 1]

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Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s

On the season four premiere of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” it looks like the Montgomery family will be cooking up soul food and drama in Memphis as season four of the series begins. Last season ended with Tim hiring an attractive spunky young assistant named Danielle, causing Monique and Jenae’s claws to grow out.  The last episode also ended with Jenae returning her engagement ring to Tim. Well not directly to Tim. She gave it to Miss Robbie. Topping the gravy over the biscuit, Mr. Bussey came in bearing good money-making news. The family has been given the opportunity to open up a Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant on Memphis’ famous Beale Street. Miss Robbie is excited, but Tim is looking like a fallen cake in the oven right about now. He’s already dropped a deposit on a spot in Houston and that is where he wants to go.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s

Now let’s fast forward to the premiere of season four’s first episode. Miss Robbie has another heart-to-heart with her son Tim. She’s tired of being the keeper of the engagement ring, but since Tim is acting a little too nonchalant to her liking, Miss Robbie decides to hold on to the rock anyway.  Meanwhile, Jenae and Tim’s cousin Monique hang out at the nail salon. Jenae says she is ready to move on and get herself all presentable since she’s back on the market again. Actually, Tim and Jenae have been “apart” for two years now so yeah…it’s time to move on.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Recap

Tim has brought in a new hire named Ma’ri. No one is sure why Ma’ri is there except for Tim and all he comes up with is “she’s there to shake things up.” Naturally, the new assistant Danielle is feeling slightly threatened and Tim’s cheerless cousin Michelle is looking at Ma’ri all crossed-eyed.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s

Road trip!  Tim, Miss Robbie and Mr. Bussey pack up the truck and drive to Beverly Hills. I mean Memphis and it’s an SUV. They arrived at the prospective site, which needs A LOT of work but Miss Robbie is still excited.  It’s Memphis. It’s Beale Street which attracts millions of tourists annually. She’s a visionary and sees the potential despite the work. Tim, on the other hand, still ain’t feeling it.  All he sees is a lot of work and it’s not Houston.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s

After the trio arrives back in St. Louis, Tim is tasked with telling his employees about the change in location. They too are disappointed, especially Calvin whose fiancé lives in Houston. Now he’ll be moving to Texas without a job to go to.  The only person who is up for moving to Memphis is Ike, but I think Ike would be willing to relocate to Hopeulikit, GA if it will take him out of St. Louis. And yes, Hopeulikit is a real town in Georgia.

As for Charles, although he would prefer Houston for his place of residency, he is nevertheless thrilled about joining Tim in Memphis. Why are these folks so anxious to leave the home of The Gateway Arch?

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s

Miss Robbie, who hasn’t skated in 40 years, rolls around the rink with her sisters. You go girls!  Tim drops by Jenae’s house to pick up TJ but the little tyke is asleep.  He informs Jenae of his upcoming move to Memphis and she almost immediately asks when does he plan to retrieve his stored stuff from her house?  She needs her space.  Yeah girl, we see right through your expressionless face and comment.  Tim is really moving away.  You’re hurt.  Feelings are not that easy to turn off even after two years of separation are they?

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s

Finally, Tim and Ma’ri sit down with Michelle, Danielle and others to explain Ma’ri’s presence. As the new District Manager, she will be in charge in Tim’s absence. Michelle’s eyes are now uncrossed and rolling all over the place even though Tim says she will be the General Manager. The second-in-command title does not please her. So Michelle goes into full blast and starts using her typical language:  “I run this!  Who are you?  She’s not my manager!”  We hear ya Michelle, Ma’ri IS NOT the boss of YOU!

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Recap

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Recap

As soon as the meeting is over, Michelle is on Tim’s heels like his ever-present shadow. She does not appreciate him bringing in a newcomer, a non-family member to be her boss. Like Charles, she has worked hard for the family business for 10 years and this is the thanks she gets? Well, maybe not exactly like Charles.  They both worked at Sweetie Pie’s for 10 years, but only Michelle has worked hard. Hurt, tearful and voice cracking, Michelle walks out.  It looks like it’s not at all sugar and spice for three people (Michelle, Charles and Jenae) who are affected by this Memphis move.

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  • Excellent recap Drama Queen. The season opener was GREAT. I truly love this show. The new District Manager, Ma’ari is hilarious and good for business.

    • Sharon Oliver

      Thanks! Poor Michelle though. They’ve got to find something to make this girl happy. LOL

      • True. Tim brought Ma’ari on the wrong way and I understand Michelle’s hurt. I think Ma’ari is good for business and will streamline processes but Tim should have prepared his staff for her arrival. And Ma’ari is the type that LOVES power and don’t know how to act once she gets it, which is reality TV gold! LOL!

        Again, great recap! 🙂

        • Marsbars09

          Hi Doc! I co-sign on your comment. I felt so bad for Michelle at the end of the show.
          I don’t think Tim has good communication skills, which is essential when informing employees with changes in work assignments and business reorganization.
          I wonder why Tim hasn’t thought of promoting his own family if it is a family run business? Is there something Tim feels the business needs that the relatives are lacking?

          • Hi Marsie,

            Thanks you! I love this show and so proud at how well Sweetie Pie’s is doing going into a 4th season.

            “I wonder why Tim hasn’t thought of promoting his own family if it is a family run business? Is there something Tim feels the business needs that the relatives are lacking?”<—-Yeah….most of them have no business acumen or training especially Charles and Monique.

            Tim is smart not to put them in managerial positions they are not capable of executing for the sake of them being family. Take Michelle for instance. She boldly proclaimed, she runs all the restaurants yet Calvin would call and have Ike punch him in….stealing time is theft. What's so crazy is Tim and Michelle have knowledge of it and have not fired both Calvin and Ike. That's stealing. Then Michelle had no knowledge of the staff's roles. She's not manager material yet because she's family they allow her to have a general manager title. If you Google a General Manager's title, I bet Michelle doesn't do 75% of their duties. It's good Tim brought Ma'ari (and her crazy wig) on but he did a poor job communicating her start with the company. Looking at previews you see she'll implement a time clock where employees can't steal time. And an inventory management system. All good changes.

          • Sharon Oliver

            Uh-oh, it sounds like play time is over for the staff. LOL

          • LOL! Ma’ari and her crazy wig are NOT playing. LMAO!

          • BaybeK8s

            I caught the fact that Ike and Calvin were stealing time and Tim knew about it but, he didn’t do anything. Calvin didn’t even try to deny it. What the what? They know Ms. Robbie wouldn’t play that. All of three of them would be getting their hat and heading on down to the unemployment office. Child support and rent be…
            It appears to be for the better a stranger has been hired to implement
            the needed changes.Tim was setting himself up for a lawsuit. You really can’t mix friends and business.

          • BaybeK8s

            Hey Marsbars09, Those thoughts crossed my mind also. Tim is just doing things and not considering others. It’s like he is sole owner of all the Sweetie Pies and everyone else is working for him, including Ms. Robbie.

          • True….he needs management training himself.

        • BaybeK8s

          Hi Dr. or should I say good night? 🙂 I totally agree with you. Tim should have informed his staff he was thinking about hiring a general/district manager. Knowing Michelle is so sensitive, he should have at least told her. It will make for good TV that he didn’t though. lol I wonder why the job wasn’t offered to Monique?

          • Hey Bay! Good evening. *waving* Ma’ari crazy entrance made for reality TV gold! That Ma’ari with her crazy wig and grandpa Joe glasses had me ROFL.

            Tim didn’t offer Monique the job because she doesn’t have any restaurant nor managerial skills, Monique is as useless as Charles. Both of them want to be managers yet have no skills, are unprofessional and possess poor work ethic. They think they should be managers by virtue of being family. Successful businesses don’t operate like that.

  • RealitySuxx

    I soooooo love this show…love it.

    • Yes we do! One of my favs.

    • Sharon Oliver

      Me too!

  • OMG! YES!!!!!

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