RHONJ News: Teresa Aprea’s Husband Owns a Piece of New York History – Angelo’s of Mulberry Street

Posted on Jul 13 2014 - 4:31pm by Staff Writer


I discovered the following RHONJ gem. It’s a video of RHONJ newcomer and half of Napolitano twin, Teresa Aprea’s husband, Angelo Aprea, reminiscing about his New York, Little Italy restaurant, “Angelo’s.”

Angelo Aprea

The restaurant is a part of Little Italy history, being in operation more than 100 years, “Angelo’s” continues to ride the wave of success. In the video Angelo Aprea discuss all the famous guests who dined at the Little Italy institution from George Clooney, the Rolling Stones, Merv Griffith to Sophia Loren, plus much more.


Have a look at this great video:



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  • italiano bambino

    While angelo aprea own some of history on little Italy. Joe giudice owns millions in fraud that’s history too. Lol

    • Ahahahaha! Boom! tell it, Bam. That was heeeeee HILARIOUS!!!

      • italiano bambino

        I’m just giving prompt where is due hahaha #Teamfraud vs #TeamHistory

        • Bwahahaha—> #Teamfraud vs #TeamHistory

  • Nice find – cool little tidbit.

  • Lisa Pat

    Is that in Brooklyn? Is that where the Godfather 1 murder of the captain was filmed??