You’re Fired: No More Running With The RHONJ Big Boys For Kim D!

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Kim DePaola RHONJ

If you were hoping to see Kim D (Kim DePaola) on season six of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” you will be out of luck (or feeling very thankful).

DePaola claims that she has “moved on” from the show. She’s off playing with the big boys now. Owner of the stores Posche and organizer of the infamous Posche fashion shows where something ALWAYS goes awry, she is in now in the process of shopping around for a book she wrote based on a true story and hoping to bring it to television. She also says that the book is not based on her life (Hmmm who could it be about).

Kim D. has her own website to sell her wares. This was taken from her “About” section: 

“Kim DePaola is a widely known designer and fashion stylist across Northern New Jersey, and is the proud owner of Posche Boutique in Wayne. Also known as Kim D, Kim is a regular on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, on which she affectionately styles the ladies of the Garden State with keen sense of fashion and an even keener knack for her own “no bullish*t drama” much of which she generously lends to the show. With an eye for looking good and a mouth for looking out, Kim D is sure to crack you up with her weekly blog.”

An eye for looking good? Does this woman even own a mirror?

DePaola has often been the behind the scenes crap-stirrer. She has never hosted a fashion show where there hasn’t been any type of drama. She allegedly worked with Teresa to set-up Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. Teresa and Kim just happened to run into a man who owned a ‘gentlemen’s club’ where Melissa worked for him. This man then happened to stop at the table where all the women were sitting asking Melissa if she remembered him. Cue the camera to Kim who was watching with an evil smile on her face.

At the opening of Posche 2 there was a huge brawl involving all of the men and Johnny “Johnny The Greek” Karagiorgis, which resulted in lawsuits and Twitter wars. In this particular event, Kim was asked directly if Johnny would be at the event and she said “No.”

There are many other instances in which Kim D has been involved. As Caroline Manzo said:

“The common denominator is always Kim D. For years and years and years, her hands have been dirty.”

In a recent interview with the Star-Ledger Kim commented about no longer appearing on the show:

“I’m kind of happy and relieved to be off. Real Housewives was merely a stepping stone. No one can bring drama like a Posche fashion show. I think it’s going to be a different kind of drama. I’ve moved on.”

Do you believe that Kim D. has “moved on”?


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