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Saturday Funnies: Tre’s Charity “Tre’s Empty Pockets” & Premier Gala


Youses All Invited to my Our Premier Gala for Our Season 6 

Saturday Funnies


Ands MY Charity Gala! Thatz More Importanz!
Saturday Funnies


Iz wantz everybodies to Comez and Gives to me My Charity!
Saturday Funnies


We Have Good Foods and Drinks. Joe Iz Making His Prunoellini for Youses


Saturday Funnies

Theres Lotz of Foodz
Saturday Funnies Saturday Funnies


All Served by Our Friendly Peoplez
Saturday Funnies


So Come Andz Givez to m̶e̶ My Charity “Tre’s Empty Pockets”
Hurry…. I Could Be In Jail Soon!
Saturday Funnies


I Really Sorry. Youses kno Iz Has to be Telling youses Da Truth.  I sold Toldz The Magazine I waz Sorry

Saturday Funnies


So Now Youses Can Give to m “Tre’s Empty Pockets”

Saturday Funnies

Oh andz Watch Season 6 of m̶y̶ The Show Befores Wez ‘Goes Away’

Saturday Funnies


Youse Need More Conceiving That My Charity “Tre’s Empty Pockets” Iz Legit? Watch My Video:


No Receipts
Feds still watching!  ◔_◔


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously* 

Teresa Giudice


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