Mob Wives Star Alicia DiMichele To Plead Guilty Next Month In Embezzlement Case

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According to the The New York Post, former “Mob Wives” star, Alicia DiMichele, 40, has come to a resolution in her embezzlement fraud case with the feds. The “Mob Wife” has agreed to pay $40,000 and will plead guilty next month in a Brooklyn Courthouse. She’s also facing up to six months prison time.

Initially, DiMichele’s lawyer and the prosecutors reached a restitution agreement of $20,000 but the Teamsters Union’s attorney rejected the offer, placing the debt at $2.8 million including 18% interest. After reviewing the agreement, Federal Judge Sandra Townes rejected the plea deal, citing the $20,000 figure was disproportionate to the $2.8 million figure. Judge Townes then offered DiMichele the opportunity to take back her guilty plea. DiMichele jumped at the opportunity, withdrew her guilty plea and plans to fight the case.

DiMichele and her husband Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo were charged with taking union pension funds from the now defunct Staten Island trucking company they owned.

As we previously reported, DiMichele quit her VH1’s “Mob Wives” gig, earlier this year to concentrate on her fraud case and after withdrawing her initial guilty plea. However, rumors have surfaced that producers are wooing her back on the show because the show is “boring” without her.

The sexy mob wife joined the VH1 reality show so she could improve her “mob” image to the judge. DiMichele earned $8,000-per-episode which prompted prosecutors to argue that she was able to pay a $96,000 fine.

“Mob Wives” is currently filming season five and is expected to come back this December.


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