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Teresa Giudice Spends Holiday Weekend At The Beach – The Mourning Period Is Over!

Teresa Giudice

Over the Fourth of July holiday, Teresa Giudice and her girls were spotted at the beach soaking up some rays. I guess the mourning period of her father-in-law is over – that was fast! Teresa looks like a former body builder who’s past the time of wearing a two-piece and uses motor oil to tan. Oh Marone! 

I was under the impression her sentencing was postponed so she could mourn and deal with the death of Frank Giudice, her father-in-law who passed away last month. Per the reality star’s attorney, Henry Klingeman, “Sentencing has been officially rescheduled to September 23 [from July 8]. The family is mourning Mr. Giudice.” I guess everybody mourns differently and this is Teresa’s way. Suuuuuure it is!

Teresa Giudice

Seen in the photo below, Teresa is all smiles in her yellow bikini, burnt tanned skinned and large sunglasses. I would hope she’s not using the death of her father-in-law to garner sympathy from the public meanwhile she’s laughing at how stupid and gullible the court system and American public are. Never — she would never do that!

Teresa Giudice

Here she is again smiling away!

Teresa Giudice



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