Saturday Funnies: “Rentz Me….I’ma Fa Sale”

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Joe andz mez are starting a greats company!


Wez invites youses to:


Therez nuthin Joe andz mez can’tz do!
I can
i dance


I canz act
dramatic reading


Iz canz entertainz youses kids like Iz dos minez
Theyz willz luv luv luv MEZ!
kids luv me


Iz don’t clean, butz youses can RENT MY DUST!


Soz higher Joe andz mez!
Joe can be youses greatz Hostess
juicy in dress


He canz bez youese Eyetalian candy!  Youses will luv luv luv him!


Callz NOW!  Wez be in highs demands until wez goes aways!
Our assiterance is ready to book uses for youses next entertaniment event!
Saturday Funnies


And don’t furgets
rent me


Wez caterz twos
jucy n Tre


No Receipts-them Feds still watching!  ◔_◔


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously* 

Teresa Giudice


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