RHONY News: A NYC Massacre….YOU ARE FIRED….Find Out Who Survives The Blood Bath!!!

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Break out the Ramona Pinot Grigio or just break a bottle of Ramona Pinot Grigio. The latest rumor of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York” is that Ramona Singer was given a reprieve and will be back next season. Meanwhile, the remainder of the cast is still on the chopping block according to Kpopstarz.


This season of “The Real Housewives of New York” has brought in very low ratings. Rumors have been running rampant that the franchise will either be axed completely or they will try to do another cast shakeup.

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Viewers have noticed a change in Singer this season. Some say it because at the time of filming she knew her husband of over 20 years was cheating on her. Her behavior seemed more rude & obnoxious than past seasons. Also, is anyone else sick of seeing her with a glass of Ramona Pinot in her hand (Does this woman drink anything else? Water? Milk? Tea? Anything)?

Let’s discuss the other members for a moment.

Sonja Morgan AKA Lady Morgan or as I prefer to call her, Lady “Bits” Morgan because she never misses a chance to expose the viewers to her anatomy or brag about her sexual encounters (Doesn’t she have a young daughter to be an example for?). My guess is that if Ramona stays so will Sonja. They are one another’s Frick & Frack, Ying & Yang, Drunk & Drunker.

Heather Thompson. Hey, she worked with Puff Daddy so she knows people, y’all. The first season she was on, I didn’t like her. Her smile and her “Holla” bothered me. However, I’ve come to like this chick. She would be someone that I would like hang out with (But I will NOT ask her to go Geocaching – EVER!). If I were in therapy, my therapist MIGHT suggest I like her because she gave Jill Zarin a run for Bobbie’s money in the Shapewear industry. Whatever the case, I say keep her.

Carole Radziwill. She creates quite the buzz on social media. Perhaps I’m in the minority because I like her more than I dislike her. Here is why. She went through a devastating ordeal losing her husband. She went on to write books (with or without a ghost writer we will never know) and had a couple of best sellers. She does not fall into the pressures that the majority of these women do to get face lifts, boob lifts, fake butts, etc. and I appreciate that in her. I think she’ll end up getting chopped off the show.

Aviva Dresher. The one legged wonder is on this show why? No, this is a serious question. Between her phobias, inability to travel without her husband and newly discovered asthma she is rarely on any of the episodes. In addition, her perverted father, George has managed to make women angry thus turning the channel or fast forwarding through any scenes in which he appears (One moment while I get out my 5 different inhalers and puff on them) . . .she will get axed. I bet my Advair on it.

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 5

LuAnn de Lesseps. Otherwise known as The Countess. She was “downgraded” as a friend of the Housewives this season yet she has been on more than Aviva. Again from reading online comments, Lu has upped her popularity this season. Personally I like her this season more than any other season but I do miss her Ross Gellar look-a-like boyfriend. If she can grab herself a new boyfriend (I would like to see her with a Chandler look-a-like) and have her new clothes line as part of her story line, she may be back.

Kristen Taekman. I just want to take this woman, shake her and hug her at the same time. She is a beautiful woman with a banging body. Like many mothers of young children and a husband that is not very helpful with the kids, she is struggling to find the right balance. I like her but feel she wasn’t/isn’t ready for the world of reality television – yet. I also believe Ramona is jealous of her because of her youth, beauty and body (Perhaps Mario talked about what a knockout she is OR Ramona realized that Kristen is more his type). I would like to see her back another season to see what she can bring.

Kristen Taekman RHONY Season 6

Typically Bravo doesn’t renew contracts until after the reunion is filmed and the end of the season is when rumors start to fly higher than Kim Richards (What? I couldn’t help it). We will have to “Watch what happens!”

Who do you want to see stay or go? Sound off in the comments.


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