Hollywood Exes Recap: The Gigolo Marries His Suga Mama [Season 3 Finale]

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Hollywood Exes

The finale episode of “Hollywood Exes,” did not disappoint. The season ended in the extravagant wedding of Drea Kelly and Brian McKee. Overall season 3 was entertaining but began and ended in a bleep with only eight episodes.

Tonight’s finale starts off where last week’s ended. The ladies are enjoying their last night in Hawaii when the silly fun came to a screeching halt during a game of truth or dare. Shanna and Nicole asked Drea if she ever participated in golden showers. Being uber sensitive to the subject because of her ex-husband’s allegations from the early 2000’s, Drea storms out of dinner.

The ladies depart Hawaii on a sour note and return to stateside. Back in LA, Drea, Nicole and Shanna meet to address the “golden shower” comment. Drea has had some time to cool off and opens up to the ladies about why living with her ex-husband’s transgressions tattooed on her forehead makes it hard to grow. She explains, the scandal took place years ago, however, she’s still haunted by people labeling her as “guilty” although she had nothing to do with the actions of her ex. Hmmmm…Drea doesn’t want to live in R. Kelly’s scandalous shadow yet she keeps his last name? A tearful Drea is excited for the opportunity to bury her past, hugs it out with the ladies and they move on.

Hollywood Exes

Sheree and Terrell gather at the dining room table to discuss a sensitive matter. Sheree tells her pastor hubby, she’s stepping down as Director of the Women’s Ministry. Terrell does not take the news well and tells her she’s changed and her decision is selfish. Sheree’s defense is, she married a football player and now he’s a minister. She pours her heart out and explains she feels stifled and boxed in as a pastors wife. She doesn’t want to disappoint him but she’s had enough after seven years in the Women’s Ministry. She gets welp up in emotions and starts crying. Sheree tells Terrell, she feels conflicted in her decision but a pastor’s wife is not her image. Terrell thinks her friends influenced her decision. I can’t help but wonder if  Sheree wasn’t on the show, would she be happy in her position? I hope the drunken displays and debauchery wasn’t brought on by the fame of the show. Time will tell. Terrell is vaporized by the unsettling news but is considerate of her feelings.


Nicole is hosting a launch party for her new wine, Destiny Mascato. Renee Graziano of “Mob Wives” is in the crowd for a guest appearance and she wants to know, where’s the blonde chick (Jessica) and Sheree tells her “These two hood rats [Shamicka and Drea] ran her off!” So clearly, the ill feelings for Jessica still linger. Sheree can’t stay long and pulls Nicole aside to explain the tension at home with Terrell. Surprisingly, Jessica shows up with a “African-American” female friend on her arm. Is that her security? The underline message there is a bit uncomfortable. Jessica has made amends with Sheree and wants to apologize to Shamicka and Drea. She says she done with Shanna and has written her off. Hold up…why is Jessica infuriated with Shanna? Shanna didn’t make the comment, Jessica did. Personally, I’m glad Shanna exposed Jessica’s true nature.

Hollywood Exes

Jessica wants to apologize and makes her way over to Shamicka and Drea. The ladies see her coming and make it clear, they want no parts of her and rightfully so. Jessica’s comments were inherently racist, ugly and hurtful. Drea tells her she considers her apology insincere. Primarily because Jessica hadn’t made any prior attempts to apologize. Drea’s over the friendship. Shamicka reiterates Drea’s feelings and ends the friendship with Jessica, letting her know, her apology was not accepted and “goodbye!”

-Jessica Tries To Apologize To Shamicka and Drea- - Show Clip - VH1.com.clipular (1)

Mayte and Jessica meet the day after Nicole’s event. While Shamicka and Drea are over Jessica. Jessica feels there’s room to repair her relationship with Mayte. Jessica apologizes again and Mayte seems to sympathize with her. However, like before, Jessica refuses to take accountability for her actions and throws out a brand new excuse to justify her text message. She tells Mayte, drunk texting is to blame for her remarks. Oh Jessica…doth protest too much!  Just own it and move on.

The big day has finally arrived and Drea has common wedding day jitters. She slips into her wedding gown, the jitters disappear and a princess emerges. Drea’s first marriage took place at the Justice of the Peace and couple wore matching sweatsuits with no family and friends in attendance. The second time around, Drea is getting her “dream” wedding. The bride is euphoric as her dad walks her down the aisle. It’s as if she’s floating on a cloud. Her dad looks immaculate in his military formal. Drea’s bridesmaids look stunning in their metallic color sweetheart cut dresses. And Nicole’s sprawling grounds nestled on a hilltop is the perfect setting for the garden wedding.

Everything is picture perfect, that is until the following happened:

 Drea-s Wedding On The Hollywood Exes Season Finale - Reality TV News and Gossip - VH1 Blog.clipular

Brian starts serenading his bride. *Face palm* This is where the record stops and scratches abruptly. Brian sounds like an El DeBarge factory reject. His voice is shakey, off key and he’s possibly tone deaf. It’s torture!!! And Drea’s co-star’s agree, the only feedback given was “no comment,” coupled with uncontrollable laughter (in their TH’s). 

-Drea and Brian Get Married- - Show Clip - VH1.com.clipular (1)

The couple exchange their vows and when Brian recites the portion about “for richer or poorer,” he changes it to “for richer or richer,” which Drea responds to by snickering. Throughout the ceremony, Drea is overjoyed with love and Brian looks bored and uninterested. Pastor Terrell announces “Mr. & Mrs. Andrea Kelly McGee.” Huh?!? I thought Drea said this was the last day she would be R. Kelly’s ex-wife? Why is she keeping his name if she wants to bury his scandalous past? I’m confuddled.

-Drea and Brian Get Married- - Show Clip - VH1.com.clipular

The reception was first class all the way. All the guests and wedding party are smiling, laughing and dancing. The party looks like a blast for all. Drea says in her TH, “My friend [Brian] loves me unconditionally, it’s just amazing!”

-Drea Believes In Love Again- - Show Clip - VH1.com.clipular (2)

Nicole came to drink and be merry. She stands up to announce that she brought her own liquor then pulls a bottle of alcohol out of her pocket. Turn up time! Drea is glowing and looks the happiest I’ve ever seen her. She says this marriage to Brian validates her as a somebody’s wife, she no longer has to hide like she did in her first marriage. In her TH she says:

“After two marriages and one wedding, I’ll never have to walk into a room again and feel invisible. I’ll be seen and I’ll be known as Brian McGee’s wife.”

Shockingly, Mayte’s boyfriend, whom she hasn’t seen in eight weeks attends the wedding. He finally commits to moving to LA in two weeks after a little public nudging from Sheree. No pressure!

Now for a little comic relief, it’s bouquet throwing time, the bride positions herself to throw the bouquet (to the next bride-to-be) but there’s one minor hiccup, crazy Mayte storms the stage and snatches the bouquet out of Drea’s hand. I kid you not, she charged the stage and snatched the bouquet directly out of Drea’s hands before she could throw it. Declaring herself next to get married! Humberto didn’t get up and run so I’m assuming he’s use to the crazy. And with that, Mayte proclaims herself — next to get married!

-Episode 8- ( Ep. 308 ) from Hollywood Exes - Full Episode - VH1.com.clipular

As we previously reported, Drea and Brian have called it splitsville after two months of marriage and Drea’s in the process of filing for divorce. After watching the finale and seeing Drea’s joy of finding “unconditional love,” I have sympathy for this woman. She’s been through a lot with her first marriage and now to be hurt again must be devastating.

Click on the link below to read all the SHOCKING details of why the couple are divorcing. We have text messages, bank records, pics and interviews of the mistresses. 

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