Andy Cohen Demoted From Bravo Executive Vice President Position

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Thanks to one of our many knowledgeable posters (who scooped this story a year ago), the following has now been confirmed.

A source tells the NY Daily News what we’ve known for over a year, Andy Cohen no longer holds the title of Executive Vice President for Talent and Development at Bravo TV.

To add insult to injury, Bravo TV has now removed Andy from his huge corner office on the 46th floor overlooking the Manhattan skyline into an office the size of a shoe closet. Wowzer!

An inside source tells the paper:

“Now that he’s (no longer an) executive and reduced to just hired talent, he is lucky to have an office at all.”

A second source describes his new office as:

“A shoe closet” adding “Cohen will have to step outside just to change his mind.”


“Andy had a huge office on the 46th floor with big windows and a great view. It was big enough for a desk, large table and sofas where he hung out with his favorite housewives and pretty boys from his shows. He had enough wall space to hang literally hundreds of pictures of himself.”

The irony in this story is, the entire Bravo office, located at 30 Rock, moved into a  LARGER space, from the 46th floor to the 14th floor. Therefore, there was sufficient offices available to accommodate Andy in an equivalent size office, similar to his previous office but instead “the powers that be” stuck him in a broom closet tiny office.


Oh my, how the mighty have fallen!


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