Hollywood Exes Sneak Peek: Drea’s Wedding Day Has Arrived! [Season Finale]

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Drea Kelly

The week of Drea’s wedding has arrived and a sudden appearance by Jessica has everyone reeling. Meanwhile, Sheree makes a startling confession to Terrell, and Mayte and Humberto finally come to a decision about their future.  

Last week on “Hollywood Exes” the silly fun came to a screeching halt when, during a game of truth or dare, Shanna and Nicole asked Drea if she ever participated in golden showers. Being sensitive to the topic because of her ex-husband’s allegations from the early 2000’s, Drea stormed out of dinner.

Hollywood Exes

In the following sneak peek for the season’s finale, Drea has had some time to cool off and opens up to the ladies about why living with her ex-husband’s transgressions tattooed on her forehead makes it hard to grow. A tearful Drea is excited for the opportunity to move on from the past drama.

Watch the video here:

What do you think? Did Nicole and Shanna really not realize what they were bringing up to Drea?

Find out on the season finale of “Hollywood Exes” tonight at 9 p.m. EST.


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