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Motivational Mondays: Who CARES What They Say, You ARE Good Enough!


negative self talk

Beyoncé has a new song, “Pretty Hurts,” and the song talks about how important it is to know who you are and to be okay with that. She emphasizes that it’s not the actual body but the SOUL that needs surgery.

It’s sad that we have to hear songs as such but I’m glad that there is something to encourage women AND men to love and accept who they are. Nowadays the media bombards us with pictures of what THEY think is beautiful and we believe them!

There was a time when I hated my looks. Did you hear me? I said HATED! I would look in the mirror and point out every single flaw that I had. I compared myself to people in magazines and to celebrities on a daily basis until I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t good enough.

I would attempt diet after diet! I took diet pills. I went to weight loss clinics. I was continually looking for the NEXT BIG THING that would make me look like the images I saw. Now mind you, I was only a size 10! That’s right, a 10! But that wasn’t considered beautiful by society. That was almost obese according to Vogue. So I did whatever it took to get me to look like what was considered beautiful!

See to me beauty was a size. Beauty was a flat stomach. Beauty was a tiny waist. Beauty was no back fat. Beauty was NOT me! This continued on for years. My husband would affirm and reaffirm me that I was beautiful as I was but I didn’t believe him. I remained that way until July 2009. That was the year I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So I made a DECISION.


DECIDED that I could either continue to demean, belittle and degrade myself OR I could learn to LOVE myself… FLAWS and ALL and after a long battle MENTALLY, I decided on the latter.


I DECIDED that society WOULD NOT dictate how I would look at myself!


DECIDED that learning to love MYSELF was more important to my well-being!

I DECIDED that I WAS good enough just as I was!    


I DECIDED that I would write the ending to my story!


From that day on, I began to affirm myself! I began to look at my body differently and instead of tearing it down, I started building my MIND up.


Side Note: (Change your mind, change your life)


I started focusing on the parts of me that I DID like and from there I discovered that I LOVED my full lips! They are beautiful to me (and my husband).


I discovered that I have beautiful legs! Owwwww!!


I discovered that these boobs that I thought were TOO much, yea those… honey people pay TOP dollar for these okay???

I discovered that the opinions of others about ME were obsolete and after many years of hating who I was, I served society and MYSELF a divorce degree! The marriage was over and I wanted nothing from the relationship! I was leaving this marriage with my nothing except my sanity and my dignity, everything else could stay!

I said ALL of that to say this: LOVE yourself! Flaws and ALL!!! If you are beating yourself up about your looks, I encourage you to make today your LAST day doing that!Fall in love with YOU! Embrace EVERY SINGLE THING about yourself! Divorce the OLD and Marry the NEW! You’re WORTH IT! Make a decision TODAY that you ARE good enough, because you ARE!


P.S. If you need a divorce decree, I can let you borrow mine. Instantaneous divorce and you won’t have to spend money on a lawyer! #Sharing is Caring



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