Married to Medicine Recap: Courtrooms, Catwalks & Cattiness [Episode 13]

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Last night’s episode of “Married to Medicine” starts off with Quad picking up Toya. The women are heading to court to support Reco in his restraining order case brought by Mariah. Meanwhile, Mariah is home getting ready and is a little nervous for her court appearance.  Toya and Quad throw shade at Mariah in the car ride, chatting about Mariah’s trumped up charges. Every other word out of their mouth’s is about Mariah.

The cameras are not allowed in the courtroom. Reco, Toya and Quad leave the courthouse, slapping each high five while congratulating Reco with jubilee! The three laugh over their “victory.” The judge ruled against the restraining order because only one incident occurred. Well how many physical threats does a judge need? Geez! Reco was aggressive and had to be physically carried out of the party by force. I think that more than warrants a restraining order. 


Mariah is not happy but unbothered by the judge’s decision. She quickly regroups and gets right back into work mode. She’s at a photo shoot for “Cinnamon Girl Diet.” The women at the photoshoot discuss Reco and the court case. The make-up artist says the streets are talking and the streets said Reco and his crew are on drugs. Why am I not surprised? Mariah agrees that he seemed to be on something. Mariah tells the ladies that the circle of “friends” voted her out the group. Buckey from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” makes an appearance as a model for the “Cinnamon Girl Diet” photoshoot. She’s also friends with Reco and tells Mariah, Reco said she can’t be trusted.


Despite being treated poorly by the ladies, Mariah decides to be the bigger person and invites ALL the women to her “Cinnamon Girl” launch party. Even taking the time to hand deliver each personalized invitation. She arrives at Jackie’s residence first but no one is home. She leaves the invitation and makes her way over to Simone’s house. Dr. S greets her with open arms. The two laugh and Simone gladly accepts the invite. Unlike the other ladies, Simone is thinking for herself in this matter. She says in her TH, Mariah didn’t do anything to her personally so she will continue to be her friend. Good for you Simone! Glad to see the “gang up” mentality hasn’t infected everyone.


Next stop is Dr. Heavenly’s house. Heavenly surprisingly receives Mariah well. Now that’s a shocker!  Did we miss something because on the couples retreat Heavenly made it crystal clear she was done with Mariah. She accepted Mariah’s invitation and even gave her a hug. After Mariah left, she called Simone and expressed she was happy Mariah reached out and the ladies agree to attend.


Toya and hubby are moving into her new grand mansion on the hill. The home is equipped with nanny quarters, steam showers (For Adults Only) and a backyard the size of a football field. Eugene enters from work and Toya hurries to greet him a big juicy kiss. The couple both say their sex life has improved since the move to the “big” house.  It seems Toya is more affectionate with her hubby now that he’s placed her in a house worthy of her standards. The whole scenario is sickening and paints a picture of a woman using a man for his money. Toya comments that she will furnish every room and the new house make the loss of the $50,ooo less painful. Well Duhhh!!…of course it does Toya, you didn’t have to go out and earn the money. As I stated in last week’s recap, I saw nothing wrong with Toya’s previous house.

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Lisa Nicole is busy freaking out about the preparation for her fashion show. A lot is on the line financially for her to succeed, buyers from Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s will be in attendance and she’s unveiling four collections. Dwight is by her side every step of way and he seems to be getting on her nerves as she worries about lighting and the signage. Dwight felt his life was on the line with this fashion show, which is probably why he was so concerned that the lighting be exactly perfect. 

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The guest start to arrive and it’s madness backstage as everyone scrambles before the start of the show. Lisa Nicole greets Quad and Reco and gives them a backstage tour. The models line up for Lisa Nicole’s big fashion show and it’s show time! First to take the stage are dancers. Toya was complimentary while Quad commented she thought the dancers were a touch unnecessary. “The dancers, why where they there? I almost thought this was a remake of Coming to America.” In case you are counting that’s the second time someone has mentioned ‘Coming to America’ this season.



Jackie’s stepdaughter worked it and Dr. J is gleaming with pride. Way to go KurstenLisa Nicole’s show is over and she walks the stage with her family.


After the show, the group congregate for drinks and gossip. They discuss what they were wearing (none of them could remember), the topics turned to Reco and Mariah’s big day in court. Reco thinks Mariah “tried it,” but the judge was not buying it. But Simone feels sorry for Mariah. She’s on an island all alone. Reco’s not feeling sympathetic to Mariah though. Quad’s issue is why is anyone feeling sorry for Mariah when she won’t change. Quad believes the only way to get Mariah’s issues through to Simone would be for Mariah to hurt her. 


Simone and Quad step away from the group for a private chat. Simone feels like Quad is holding her relationship hostage because of all the drama. Threat level: Mariah? Quad tells her to “do her thing” and Simone says “I plan to” and walks off, leaving Quad right where she stands. Quad, clearly embarrassed says “did she just walk away from me?” She sure did! 



On next week’s episode of “Married to Medicine,” Toya shows off her new extravagant home to Dr. Heavenly who has a lot to say. Meanwhile, Quad is finally ready to launch her puppy couture line with a fabulous fashion show. 


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