Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Influenced Kandi’s Harsh Prenup!

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After last week’s episode of “Kandi’s Wedding” aired many viewers were stunned to learn the harsh terms stipulated in Kandi’s prenup agreement. 

Kandi appeared on Watch What Happens Live last Sunday and revealed some surprising details about who influenced her prenup decisions. Kandi revealed that Todd only getting the prenup two days before the wedding was not her fault and reveals that she spoke with former New York Housewife Bethenny Frankel about the whole thing.

A caller wanted to know why Todd had to move out of the their marital home within 30 days, should they ever divorce. Kandi responded:

“I did buy the house. He pays the bills, but as far as the house itself…I bought that when we were going into the relationship,” Kandi started off. “But he doesn’t want the house, so I don’t even want people to think ‘Oh he’s trying to get the house’ because he doesn’t even want the house.”

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