Married to Medicine Sneak Peek: Simone Gives Quad The ‘Bye Felicia’ Treatment! [Episode 13]

Posted on Jun 29 2014 - 12:51pm by Nancy



In this preview of tonight’s Married to Medicine, Quad and Toya face off with Mariah in the courtroom,lending their support to Reco Chappelle, as he disputes Mariah’s restraining order. Meanwhile, Jackie is visited by her stepdaughter Kursten, who reveals something surprising. Later, Mariah decides to extend a peace offering to all the ladies by inviting them to the launch of her new business venture. Then, after all her hard work, Lisa Nicole unveils her design collection to Atlanta and the world.


Is Simone already falling back on her promise to cut Mariah out of her life?


Simone thinks that Quad underlying ultimatum with Mariah is hurting their friendship.


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  • Tre’s Pic’s aren’t Angelic

    It’s just a crap shoot!
    It appears that it makes no difference which one of these franchise shows anybody watches at any given point in time. It’s Quad and Mariah, Shannon and Tamara and Heather, Vickie and whomever, Teresa and foe du jour, Brandi and Lisa, Lisa and Kyle, Nene and Cynthia and Kenya and Porshit and Phaekra….
    Actual written scripts have their problems too, but at least it isn’t always somebody bellyachin’ about their personal affront and ensuing b*tch outs” and then b*tch out revisited and son of b*tch out and then the prequel of the original b*tch out!

    So much self absorbed misery. Blech!

    • nan/4

      You start to see patterns after a while with the arguments, and the backstabbing, the troublemakers, marital/ drinking problems, the husband who’s an idiot, and of course, my personal favorite…..coming out with a product line or being a “singer.” The more I watch, the more scripted I think that these shows are. More like “unreality shows!” JMO. 😉

  • italiano bambino

    Idk everything backfired at Mariah. But she still think she’s the queen Bee

  • RonnieIsBack

    Quad needs to give it up…