Saturday Funnies: First Fraudellini NOW Prunoellini!

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First Fraudellini  NOW Prunoellini!
Second Cheapest Wine


Since Allz youses buys my Fraudellini
Joe andz mez wills bez starting my new wine-Prunoellini!
Itz wills bez made with all thems naturals ingrediences likes we makes my Fraudellini
b nw tre
Fraudellini was


Prunoellini willz be made by Joe and ‘friends’
pruno bag
Youses all willz luv luv luv it!
Youses all canz ejoys itz with youses friends
Callz now!  I’llz bez waitings fur youses calls!Worried looking blonde woman sitting in a jail cell talking on a pay phone
Frums ourz house to youses!  
our home to you
 The Video
Don’ts furgets!
No Receipts
Feds be watching!


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously* 

Teresa Giudice


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