Wendy Williams Confirms RHOA Contract Changes: The Hw’s Will Be Forced To Film Together

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As we EXCLUSIVELY reported weeks ago, Bravo has revamped their “Real Housewives” contracts with added stipulations. The new terms have been instituted to ensure all the housewives follow direction from production. They will have to film with whomever production requests. No more “I’m not filming with that person” will be tolerated. In addition, attending events and group trips will be mandatory. Diva demands will not be tolerated anymore.

As we EXCLUSIVELY reported, going forward, the network has instituted a new clause in their “Housewives” contracts. The stars will no longer be offered full season contracts, only 7-week contracts at a time. 

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Sources have confirmed, Bravo has asked all the ladies to of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” to return full-time. We’re told, everyone wants more money for the new season. And plan to request pay raises following last seasons blockbuster ratings.

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Now, Wendy Williams has confirmed the Bravo contract changes, we EXCLUSIVELY reported weeks ago. Watch the video below: 


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